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    Default BGG's top 20 most anticipated games of 2016

    Greetings BoLS,

    I'm seeking some help with a friendly contest via BGG's top 20 most anticipated games of 2016. The game I did the art work for is called MoonQuake Escape and the game designer and I are looking for more votes to break into some other categories. So far we are doing OK (in at least 2 so far). The voting ends on the 9th and was hoping to get some love from this community. There are also some really great games there too so feel free to support them as well.

    If you have a account all you need to do is go to, BGG 2016 contest and look for #275 and click the "thumbs up" button on the lower left of the post. That's it. If you don't have one go to and make one if you wish. The votes won't count without one.

    Thanks and I appreciate you taking the time.

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    Thanks again for all the support on this. Currently we have been nominated for 3 categories, Sci-fi, Bluffing, and Family/Children. The voting is now open and with your help again we may stand a chance to win one (although I highly doubt it there are some really cool games up there). Anyway, thanks again and to vote please go to and select MoonQuake Escape from the categories above.
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