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    Default Astra Militarum Air Cav in 7e

    Hey guys,

    Brand new here. I've been playing around with a few astra militarum and militarum tempestus lists and I really love the idea of an air cavalry themed list. I really like the idea of mechanized infantry as well. I'm kind of conflicted though bc I really like the idea of a starship troopers (movie) themed army too. My buddy plays tyranids and it just seems like it would be perfect. The air cav element fits well here I think. Any ideas for a list at 1850? It doesnt have to be overly competitive but id like to avoid getting steamrolled every game if you know what i mean. I could have the melta vets in the valks and the scion command in the vendetta. The other scions would deep strike. Also the three flyers could technically be the emperors spear formation right? Anyway here is what I have so far:

    2x Lord Commisar 70pts each
    -bolter and carapce armor

    4x Veterans 170 each
    - 3x plasmas
    - grenadiers
    - taurox dedicated transport

    2x veterans 100 each
    - 3x meltas
    - krak grenades

    Militarum tempestus platoon 410 points
    - Command squad 130 points
    - 4x meltas
    - 1x plasma pistol
    - 3x Tempestus scions 90 pts each
    - 2x meltas

    Fast Attack
    2x valkyrie 250
    1x vendetta 170

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    It seems to me as though it will be fun to play. I ran something similar in 5th edition. I'm not a fan of plasma pistols in guard, but if you think you'll have fun you should play what you like.

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    As the MT Command Squad is not compulsory for the MT platoon, consider dropping a Commissar and taking a CCS instead, they get similar options and can issue more orders per turn. You can even deck them out in carapace armour for counts as MT Tempestor and get access to useful relics, you may even shave a few points out

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    I would consider a landing pad as you will probably have issues keeping enough stuff alive to survive round 1.
    Remember if your table is empty by the end of the round, the game is over not matter what you still have in reserve.

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    I would consider running a Militarum Tempestus combined arms detachment along side the emperor's spear formation from the monta'ka book. that would seem to do what you are wanting better (elite guardsmen and commissars with lots of air support), also consider a comms relay from stronghold assault so you can reroll reserves

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    I concur with Blood Shadow about considering dropping a Commissar and putting in a CCS. Orders are what make Astra Militarum shine. I would also say that I have never found plasmas to be superior to melta and I always seem to end up with dead plasma gunners resulting from "Gets Hot." Finally, in my opinion, Chimeras are the best transports, especially for their cost. Reldane's suggestions on the formations are good as well.

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    Thanks for the ideas guys! Especially about swapping the tempestus and lord commisar for a ccs. I never even thought of that! Too close to it I guess. They will fill the same role and save me 80 points. Now I just have to decide what to do with those points... a wyvern maybe? Stick it out of los so I have more of a presence on turn one? I could do augur arrays on three tauroxes, upgrade tauroxes to chimeras or maybe inquisitors with servo skulls for my deep strikers? Thoughts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceman View Post
    I would also say that I have never found plasmas to be superior to melta and I always seem to end up with dead plasma gunners resulting from "Gets Hot."
    ^^^This, this, a million times this.

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    OK, so I've been playing with the list a lot. I've field tested a bunch of different versions and what I've found was the more meltas the better. I also really liked how well the vendettas performed.

    Unfortunately a few times I had some trouble getting my reserves in so I've taken steps to fix this.

    I have not played the following list just yet but I've tried to optimize it against my current meta which is very knight heavy.

    Oh, also I double CADed.

    3x company command squad @113 each
    4x melta each
    Carapace armor

    Company command squad @145 points
    Officer of the fleet
    Chimera dedicated transport

    4x veterans @155 each
    3x melt as
    Carapace armor
    Taurox dedicated transport

    Veterans 145 points
    2x melt as
    Carapace armor
    Taurox dedicated transport

    Scion squad 90 points
    2x meltas

    Emperor's spear formation
    3x vendetta @ 170 each

    The strategy here is to run the three command squads in the vendettas and get them in turn two with the special formation rules and the officer of the fleet. I can low altitude drop 12 meltas wherever I want to take out something big. The five vet squads in Tauroxes will fan out and whatever survives turn one will grab objectives and take out whatever they can with the Autocannons and possibly close to melta range.

    I know this list would have trouble with mass infantry but in my current meta this is the most infantry that anyone will be running. In fact, 40k at my local spot has basically turned into some strange form of godzilla vs mechagodzilla.

    So what do you think? How will I fare against a knight? What about nidzilla? Maybe even mechanized tau or wraith knights?

    Thanks in advance for questions comments and suggestions!

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    As an Eldar I use Wraith Lords and Wraith Guard, in fact I just posted a list that head to head would hammer this. Primarily because at 1850 I would be hitting you with a lot of long range weapons and even mid range weapons which can damage all the vehicles you have on the table.

    Wraithseer with Spear & D Cannon
    Wraithblades power swords
    Wraithguard D-Scythes
    Guardian Defenders - Star Cannon & Warlock
    Storm Guardians - 2 Fusion Guns & Warlock
    Windriders with 1 Shuriken Cannon & Warlock with singing spear
    Wraith Lord, Missle Launcher, Scatter Laser, Flamers & Ghost Glaive
    Wraith Lord, Missile Launcher, Scatter Laser, Flamers
    2 x Wave Serpents with Bright Lances
    Banshee, Shuriken pistol, power sword and Banshee mask.

    Your big threats to me are your Vendettas & Valkaries. I would recommend you switch master of the fleet for master of ordnance cause that drops the big pie plate from the sky and there is no range issue, cover is minimal as the hit comes from above. In the mean time my Serpents and WL carry the biggest immediate threat to you as the missile launchers carry skyfire rules and the bright lance will rip through your Taurox. And what you might not appreciate is the 5 psykers in the force listed above giving me 7 base warp points which could give you problems with fear and pinning. Your meltas are only dangerous if I let you get that close.
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