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    I have an air cavalry army that is similar. I am still adjusting it to the new vendettas though. It used to run veterans with demo charges in the vendettas. Obviously can't do that any more. I was using scions in the vendettas but I think I will adopt the command squads.
    I really enjoy playing the army but I don't think it has ever won a game =D Although my meta is the opposite of yours, I regularly see 100+ models on the other side.
    One thing I do is put Priests with my units that start on the board so they won't run off the table first turn.
    The army basically has to have a good alpha strike since once your air cav has deepstruck almost anything can charge and kill them. I also use Straken as my warlord so my entire army isn't just rolled over in h2h and the fearless bubble. He is expensive though.

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    Melon-neko, why for can't you put vet's in Valkyries instead? Cheaper, and still very good anti infantry high vol' fire power and then the Officer of the Fleet becomes valuable.


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