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    Not ignoring the answers. I've read the stuff. Also not trying to find fault just to find fault. I could be a LOT pickier if I wanted to go that route. (And then I could also be just as insulting and claim you're trying to read things that aren't there and explain what isn't explained. Just as silly.)

    I think there's potential, but they didn't plot it out, which is clear, and it's leading to contradictions and problems. Ditto for them attempting to continue selling certain models.

    You're explaining away the Incarnates. But that still leaves the Mortarchs, who died, and weren't tied to the Winds of Magic. And if we can claim the Winds of Magic saved certain Incarnates, why couldn't they save Grimgor? See, that doesn't work.

    They can explain these things, but they'd have to go retcon some of what they've written. Not really a huge deal because they're already doing it in some places. (Heck, they have to do it just to have any human factions in the game, given that all the human kingdoms and empires fell to Chaos, so, assuming people survived, they certainly don't have an army.)

    This is a "wish list." So I'm just expressing my wish for them to slow down, stop trying to flood the marketing with fiction and background, and actually take the time to make sure it's all flowing together properly.

    Also, yeah, if I was just finding fault just because I "hate" AoS (which seems like a fallback claim to use against anyone who isn't 100% positive), then that means I "hate" Star Wars given what I said about the old EU and how messy and contradictory and full of bad stories it got. Which is kind of funny given all the Star Wars stuff throughout my home (and even on my desk at work). But hey, the Age of Sigmar books I have, ebooks on my Kindle, and masses of GW figures are surely themselves just signs of my irrational hatred for GW and inability to know what I'm discussing.

    I feel I should apologize because this seems to be getting to borderline hostile, but I'm just so tired of people answering any criticism with claims that people "hate" AoS or GW and don't play the games or spend money on the stuff and thus aren't allowed to have opinions. (Which is especially peculiar in a topic that is supposed to be about opinions.)

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    But we don't know what happened to Grimgor.

    We know from End Times the Orcs regarded him as Mork incarnate, and many Gobbos thought of Skarsnik as Gork incarnate.

    We also know there's now a two headed Greenskin God called Gorkamorka, who can split into Gork and Mork when they fancy - that could well be Grimgor and Skarsnik reincarnated.
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    He did get his head chopped off by Archaon a very sad moment but he did get the best line in the whole series.

    "Grimgor says shut up and die!"

    Pithy, to the point and refers to himself in the third person as a good action quote should. I believe Archaon was being particularly irritating at the time as well.

    I want him back stick that on my wishlist. I'm already chuckling at the GorkaMorka you describe.
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    Given that Archaon seems to have his eye back, which IIRC Grimgor broke in the fight, that fight's either been retconned, or at least part of history can be "undone" when it suits the gods' need. (It's a copout, but eh, I'll roll with it if it means Grimgor's alive.)

    I like when Malekith directed Grimgor at Archaon by saying something like, "How can you be the best if the world ends at someone else's hands?" Kind of helps show Grimgor's mentality.

    It'd be easy to fluff off Grimgor being gone as just not wanting to continue on with resin character models, but Tyrion, Teclis, and Alarielle all had resin models rather than plastic. And Malekith/Malerion can't use the old model because he lost Seraphon. So while the models in existence are having some weird effects on the background, the absence of a plastic figure, or even an appropriate figure at all, doesn't mean a character is absent from the background.

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    It was reforged - it's in his Battletome.

    Reet, I've now read the Fyreslayers novel, and I'm intrigued.

    Stunties largely remain Stunties - social structure, habits, attitude etc, but there are a few differences. They're not portrayed as being quite as dour, but given their entire race isn't in decline, that's not necessarily jarring. Indeed, they're comparatively dynamic - new Lodges being established/founded is no great shakes. Perhaps not common (tends to occur with the death of a Runefather from what these say) but far from unheard of.

    So far, so good - and remember, this is just one type of Stunty, there's at least one other (Steamhead).

    This makes me want to know more about how the other races have evolved and developed, particularly Elves, given we've had three distinct flavours since the get go of Warhammer.

    My wishlist here? The old styles of the races still exist, but there's scope for blurring the lines and introducing new styles as your own take on the army (Wood Dwelling Murder Fanatics etc)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Mystery View Post
    It was reforged - it's in his Battletome.
    Yeah, I caught that when looking back through the book, but that then makes Grimgor's death feel cheap and meaningless, especially as he hasn't showed up again. He was the guy who actually took on Archaon and, having killed him once in a universe that got wiped out and rebooted, fought him again and actually hurt the bringer of the apocalypse in a meaningful way before getting killed. Now that damage is completely undone. Poor Grimgor's death is so cheap now.

    I'd hope for more NEW heroes, instead of all this "bringing back all the old heroes from the dead" stuff. But if we're going to do the old heroes, bring Grimgor back. He deserves another go-round.

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    I think there'll always be a Grimgor - not necessarily Grimgor, but someone like him.

    Heck, this time, we might have Seven of the big green blighters (I would say 8, but Azyr is meant to have been cleansed of Orcses entirely), one for each Realm.

    And that is a seven sided punch up to be Da Biggest I'd like to see

    Add it to my wishlist!
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    Quote Originally Posted by eldargal View Post
    My wishlist:

    More wimmins.
    Less mins
    I would like to strongly echo this sentiment. Thus far 'Age of Sigmar' might as well have been titled 'Party of Sausage'. There are a few female movers and shakers in the outskirts of the background, but they really don't seem to be getting much focus so far, and we're 6 months of new releases into the game and not a single female model among them (not counting round base re-packs).

    Hopefully Neferata can make a good showing in Balance of Power, but after her garbage-tier treatment in the End Times campaign I'm not exactly hopeful.

    As a Death player, I would like to see:

    Neferata and Khalida - re-imagined as a mortarch in her own right - as a dynamic duo. Having left the bitter emnity of their blood feud behind in the wreckage of the old world, their rivalry would still strong, but now more friendly, as they rule the twin capitals of a new Nehekhara.

    Isabella, after being saved by Vlad's sacrifice, this time choosing to honor that sacrifice by living for his memory rather than giving in to grief. I would like to see her as the new mortarch of shadow, and the founder and ruler of a new nation in the realm of Shyish modeled after her old home of Sylvania. I picture her as the unquestioned matriarch of a new line of Von Carstein vampires who rule over and protect their flock of human subjects/livestock, and as a figure uniquely positioned to be an intermediary between the living and the dead, her alliance courted by followers of both Sigmar and Nagash.

    if I had my way, these characters would show up in a second triple-mortarch kit - same monster but with three new riders: Isabella (wearing Vlad's armor and carrying his sword and ring), Khalida, and Krell (who's been a good boy and deserves a treat in the form of a new plastic model).

    At least, that's the kind of thing I'd like to see for the Death faction ladies. But I don't hold out a lot of hope, given how terrified GW's development and marketing teams seem to be of the girl cooties.
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