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    Default 2000pts Tau and musings

    Hi bolsketeers, I've just had a Tau v Tau stoush ( I won!) and I thought I'd post the list. It was a great chance to see so much Tau on the table. I'd painted and built as much as possible in two weeks to get the units ready, as Tau is /was one of my less completed armies. I finished the models for the list at 2.25 am the morning of the game. Two young children eat time, but the challenge to actually nearly complete all my tau models finally was too much of an appealing challenge to forego.

    I will be using initials etc to abbreviate, 'cos I hate typing.

    Tau 2000pts CAD

    Commander: MSSS,C+C,Pen chip, OG, DCont. 2x MDrones

    5x XV8s: 4x Dual MP, Flamer. 1x TLMP, MP

    2x XV8s: 2x Dual Fusion Blasters, Flamer

    Riptide: Ion acc, Stims

    5x Firewarriors
    Devilfish: Sensor spines

    5x Firewarriors
    Devilfish: Sensor spines

    5x Firewarriors
    Devilfish: Sensor spines

    Sunshark: TLMP

    Razorshark: MP

    8x Pathfinders

    Hammerhead: Sensor spines, Sub M, Seeker

    Hammerhead: Sensor spines, Sub M, Seeker

    2x XV88 Rail rifles

    2000pts exactly

    The Buffmander goes with the Missile XV8s, This is my delete squad. 20 missiles that reroll misses and ignore cover, with tank or monster hunter if necessary, do delete units. The two marker hits are just in case.

    I never leave home without sensor spines on vehicles. Just blithely move into and through cover. Love it.

    The Sunshark came on, bombed some kroot, detached drones, fired marker, TLMP and two seekers at the side armour of a Longstrike Hammerhead and missed or was saved against. Then blown from the sky by vector tracking broadsides. the drones went for rear shots on the same hammerhead next turn but either missed or were saved against. These were then eliminated. if you can use a "suicide flyer" with "Suicide Drones" then this is the flyer for you. I love it, despite its crapulence.

    The Razorshark really needs to overcharge for every shot to be a force on the tabletop otherwise it is just too inaccurate unless marker assisted.

    I love the look of these flyers, they have a great H.G. Wells' "Things to Come" vibe. I'll probably use at least one in every list despite internet wisdom. I like my Kamikaze fish.

    Anyhow, had a great time and thought I'd post the list for comment and criticism.

    All I have left to assemble and paint for Tau is a XV8 suit, 3x piranha and 9 sniper drones with three markerguys. So close to finishing an army, unbelievable!

    Anybody else got a "delete" style Tau unit?

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