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    Default Time of War - Storm of Sigmar

    I've noticed that the Time of War rules for the Storm of Sigmar (found in the AOS book and the Quest for Ghal Maraz) read as though they are mandatory for all games.

    'The following rules apply in all games of Age of Sigmar'

    Now I appreciate nothing is really mandatory and you can house rule/modify the game however you see fit. I just wondered if anyone else has been using these rules for All battles, and if so how have they been affecting your games.

    I havn't used them yet but plan to use them for the foreseeable future before making a decision if I will use them in all games (opponent willing).

    Also have you used any of the other Time of War rules? How did they affect your games? Any favourites so far?

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    I use them coz I play tomb kings, I find allowing opponents to summon stormcast/deamons of there own makes summoning much more acceptable (plus with only one lich priest I don't spam summoning and can even get out summoned)!

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    Most people don't even know this rule! Even the people who like AoS! Most people didn't buy the Campaign book. I was shocked when I shared this info in many Facebook summoning debates, people even thought I was making things up.

    Summoning is said to be breaking the game but little do those who say so knows that EVERY army can summon, more so for Chaos..
    The Undead army is designed so that they will win via mass summoning.
    The Chaos and Celestial Daemons are feared because summoning can make them really powerful!

    But a Order/Destruction General have no upper limit on the unit size they summon via the prayer to Sigmar. There is no indication. A unit of one Retributor model is just as OK as a unit of 20 Retributors models. Summoning have a fixed size. Some people say that "Storm of Sigmar" summon is only the minimum size, but there is nothing written that support this.
    Same for the Chaos General's summon, but theirs might hurt themselves.

    I play and allow any number of model per unit for "Storm of Sigmar" summons, against army that can summon none stop this can be a counter. But I always discuss with my opponents.

    "Storm of Sigmar" summon benefit the Order/Destruction player the most on the 4th/5th/6th turns of a game. The Chaos player might wanna get the most out of their summon earlier, the aim is to overwhelm your before they can call in reinforcement.

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    When playing with lots of summoning units we have started to use our own house rule sudden death victory condition

    MARTIAL VICTORY - before the game begins both players add up the total number of wounds in there starting army, this is there martial strength, if one player causes equal or more wounds than there opponents martial strength they win a major victory.

    Starting army includes all units set up at deployment, including those set up in tunnels, celestial realms etc

    Regenerated/restored wounds do not count ie trolls korgorath, undead banners etc

    Additional wounds do count, deamon banners, summoning etc



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