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    Default Grand Alliance: DEATH

    The second Grand Alliance book is headed your way.

    This time it's Nagash and his merry band:

    images via Scanner 2-8-2016

    Click image for larger version. 

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    88pp, Softback, $16.50

    via and imgur 2-9-2016

    Death Sub-factions:
    Deathlords : Lords of the Undead
    Soulblight : Vampires
    Deathmages : Necromancers
    Deadwalkers : Zombies
    DeathRattle : Skeletons
    Flesh-eater : Ghouls
    Beasts of the Grave : Undead Monsters
    Nighthaunt : Spirits

    "Tomb-Kings" as we knew them in Warhammer Fantasy are gone...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    £10? I could go for that. I did just start rebasing my undead a few days ago, so this is pretty good timing.

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    I'll add I what I've been told by a GW rep last Thursday whilst I was buying some AoS Chaos. (Take salt)

    during our conversation he let slip that the Tomb Kings are being phased out; this is due to them not fitting aesthetically with the vampire counts and the lack of sales they generate even with the free rules.

    When this comes our we'll know for sure (they wouldn't throw rules out for a faction they're dropping right?)
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    So it's just grand alliance vampire counts then I was hoping they would amalgamate both vampires and tomb kings into 1 rather than just get rid of tomb kings altogether. Also 35 wars rolls when the vampire count download has 39, looks like some characters are getting the chop!

    £10 ain't bad though

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    Not convinced TK are going away. At all.

    Remember, people swore blind Seraphon weren't happening. And Beastmen were being removed. And the scale was being rejigged and enlarged.

    Yet none of those came to pass.
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    I really hope they stay but only having 35 warscrolls over 8 factions that don't include mummy's or reanimates doesn't fill me with confidence considering this is a grand alliance death book. Unless tomb kings become destruction or, more likely but still far fetched, order. Tho stranger things have happened, lizards are now deamons!

    Hope for the best, expect the worst.

    Although the free downloads will still be usable for the foreseeable future

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    Currently 64 Undead Warscrolls on the App, of which 24 are Tomb Kings.

    So that would leave 40.

    Now, some are pretty much doublers, such as Skellingtons and Tomb Guard, so no guarantee their gone.

    But yeah. Hmm.

    I don't see why they'd ditch Tomb Kings. They got a pretty substantial overhaul in their last book, including multiple (very nice) plastic kits. They're bought and paid for, and the only time you'd make a loss is if you removed them from sale entirely.

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    Eh... maybe TK didn't sell well enough. That'd suck, but since all Undead are meshed together, a lot of their stuff is just doubling up with other Undead stuff, and some of it doesn't fit the new style as well (i.e. old style Skeletons beside new). While it's all already paid for, you could say the same for, say, Dogs of War, Albion stuff, Slayer army (original), Middenheim stuff, etc., but they all got phased out due to sales, and AoS is trying to completely redo the aesthetic of the line anyway.

    Still, for under $20, I'll grab a copy, to use my Undead in AoS if I ever get the chance, along with KoW and any chance games of WFB I get. At least it's a reasonable price for the book.

    If anyone still wants to play TK, the rules are online right now, and even if GW removed them, I'm sure copies would continue to float around the Internet forever.

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    "grand alliance of death" is a joke. Chaos alliance book included almost everything from all four previous chaos army books AND the AoS new stuff. The VC book doesn't even have everything from one of the two undead army books, almost certainly nothing new (unless they're dropping not just old special characters, but entire units from vamp counts as well), and only one formation.

    They shouldn't even have bothered. They really shouldn't have. This is worse than nothing. At least with no book we could have still hoped for some other new undead stuff to come along soon, and still entertained notions that they might not just drop the tomb kings outright.

    Dropping tomb kings because they sold poorly my foot. I can't think of one old army that hasn't sold poorly since age of sigmar came out.

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    I'm guessing we'll know more on Saturday, when, in theory, the TK stuff, if it is indeed being dropped, will move to 'last chance'.

    I still don't see them ditching plastic kits though. All the stuff so far has been Finecast or Metal.
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