After churning out some Rogue Trader grunts last week I decided to get another long term project for this classic old game off my paint station and onto the battlefield.

I really think that Rogue Trader, and indeed all old school games are even more enjoyable when you play them with models from the appropriate era and as such I have tracked down this fellow to lead my Salamanders force. He is a 1987 Space Marine Librarian equipped with a useful Force Sword... and arguably less useful book!

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As he is a character model I decided to lavish a bit more attention on him particularly as his rich, blue armour is likely to draw the eye during games!

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If you look closely you will see that no 'metallic' paints have been used anywhere on the model; in fact all areas of bare metal have been achieved by using non-metallic metal (NMM) techniques. This is my first attempt at this advanced method of painting metals and overall I am very pleased with how it turned out.

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The rest of the armour was painted by progressive layers of blending designed to create a smooth look across the model as a whole. I achieved this by starting off with a relatively dark base-coat and then gradually adding a small amount of skull white to each layer. I think the end result was worth the additional effort (and time) and I feel it is a fitting model to lead my Space Marine Force to victory!

There are some more photos and a bit more info on my blog at: