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    Default Thank you GW and FW

    GW and FW has some of the best customer service I have ever dealt with. Last week I received two orders that were missing bits. From FW I was missing an arm for the Phoenix Terminators, and from GW I was missing a Minas Tirith Citadel Guard archer. An email to FW about the missing bit was sent and today they replied saying they are replacing the bit. From GW I called because the blister is supposed to come with 3 models, but mine came with two. They are sending a whole new blister. In the day and age where 24 hour hold times are relatively common from companies like Comcast, it is always nice to know that there are companies that will bend over backwards to correct packaging mistakes. Kudos to GW and FW.

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    The customer service as a whole from the GW group of companies has always been outstanding.

    I once bought a box of snap fit orcs for fantasy. When opened they were the 40k ones. I wrote them an email, then sent them back at their request. Got a box of 10 brand new orcs back. £18 of orcs for £4. Not bad.
    FW are superb too. Bought one of the SM gunships, the pieces were all warped and miscast. They sent me out a brand new kit free of charge.
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    Two boxes of Gaunts, when they were still mixed. Both contained nowt but Hormogaunts. Replaced with two correctly packed boxes, and got to keep the pure Hormies.

    Not bad, considering it was a birthday pressie for my Bro and he was wanting lots of Hormies anyways!
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    My buddy got a warped railgun on his hammerhead gunship; it was bent slightly down. He got another sprue allowing him to make the ion cannon on the first one and the the railgun from the new one.
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    Definitely some of the best customer service I've dealt with across a whole host of companies over the years.
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    Back when the Baneblade was a new kit, my dad got me one for my birthday. Took me a while to get around to building it, but when I did I realized I was missing an entire sprue, which included the upper section of the body, leaving me with just tracks and a turret. I called GW customer support, and they sent me an entirely new kit.

    Thanks to the new release having both the regular Baneblade and the fixed-gun versions in one kit, I now have 3 superheavy tanks. Say what you will about GW, but they're typically really good with customer service.

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    When I ordered a Cobra from FW, they forgot the gun piece. It's like *THE* piece of the model that is the most required. The model was also terribly warped and had fingerprints all over the surface of the tailfin section on the back.

    They sent me a whole new cobra. With a lot of elbow grease and a casting setup I was able to make another gun bit and now I have two cobras.
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    I will say that their personal customer service and face-to-face service is awesome. They do that well.

    However, the public relations aspect and interaction with criticism from customers and fans is...well, nonexistent at this point.

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    I've had a couple of good ones.

    Bought an Empire Battalion box, and found that I was missing a single knight horse. Went into the GW to see if I could get a loose horse to replace it. Get given a whole box of knights.

    I pre-ordered the 6th edition 40k collectors edition. Just before release day I got an email explaining that they had oversold the CE, and that there was no collectors edition to send me. However, they sent me a normal copy, and refunded me the full cost of the CE, and sent me a gift voucher for the value of the full CE. Then a few weeks later they ran a reprint of the CE lasgun ammo packs and dice, and sent me a copy of them.

    So yeah, GW have some pretty good customer service.
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    Back when they had just released the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Box Set I ordered one and received a Fellowship one instead. Phoned there customer services and was told they would send out a replacement and to just keep the Fellowhip box set.


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