New Wave, New FAQ:

Rolling Dice
When a player is required to roll attack or defense dice, if he rolls too many dice, he must pick up all of his dice and reroll them. If he rolls too few dice, he must leave the roll intact and roll the required number of additional dice, adding the new results to the original roll.
If a rolled die is cocked (not level), that player rerolls that die.
Pure Poetry

Lots of nice new stuff, e.g.:

- R3-A2 does not yield two stress in conjuction with Cluster Missiles and TLT
- Youngster applies to T/FOs
- When a ship is TL'ed by Omega Leader adding or subtracting dice is fine but adding dice results without rolling is not; Also if a ship is TLed by Omega Leader while attacking with HLC the HLC's mandatory dice modification is not applied.
- Boba Fett (crew) doesn't cause chain reactions when disabling upgrade cards

... and a new set of clarifications on a few timing and range questions ...