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    Surely you should have titled this

    "It begins..."

    However the process of robo-insemination is far too complex for the human mind!
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    But of course, when the stock price goes up, we're told by the doom brigade it doesn't mean anything.

    So why the doom brigade now feel it's suddenly of import...who knows? Oh. I do. Because it suits their bizarre, paranoid little fantasies that GW are about to explode, killing all within a 28mm radius.

    Oh, and also it helps the OP pretend the 5-10% drop he 'predicted' was actually about the stock price, and not their sales.....

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    Here's another piece of info. Not sure what means, precisely, but something's been going on with GW stock lately.
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    Lex you cocked your linky a bit, but when I finally got to it, it would appear the prices are up from the OP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Denzark View Post
    Lex you cocked your linky a bit, but when I finally got to it, it would appear the prices are up from the OP.
    Ah, yeah, sorry about that. I posted it from an iPad, which hates forums and MCE editors with a puzzling fury.

    Anyway, over on Das Warseers, a few (seemingly) knowledgeable sorts have been explaining that a shift of ~4k shares isn't an enormous shift either way, given the 32 million in circulation. The current share price is much more affected by the big drop in January, which came on the heels of a lowered earning report and a warning that GW had underperformed over the Christmas season. It mostly seems to be reverting to the ~500 price it's been bottoming to since the January 2014 bombshell report that the whole company has yet to recover from.

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    I'm still not sure if this is accurate, but I was told by the local GW manager (so not exactly some angry anti-GW guy on the Internet) that the Start Collecting! boxes were a response to poor December sales, rushed out to try to get some cash flow going quickly. It seems like the company's seen some writing on the walls and it's not good. Their attempts to just stay profitable by raising prices and cutting corners (to the point they released at least one inferior quality product in the last few weeks) aren't working to stem the tide. I don't think AoS is responsible for the biggest issues, though it didn't help (that's not a shot at AoS, even if you love it you have to admit chucking your company's 30+ year old game in the trash and completely replacing it won't earn you much trust, especially when it was done without warning and preceded by some expensive releases hyping people for the game that got killed). I think the pricing scheme is just too much and competition that they've ignored is drawing away more and more people.

    The positive of all of this, however, is that they might find themselves forced to correct a lot of their bad policies, and that could benefit the customers greatly (which would then benefit GW, as the customers buy more stuff). There's been some changes. Even if the SC! boxes were a panic move, it's good for the consumer. Ditto the return of Specialist Games.

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    I'd agree with that take - I think we're seeing the end of 'Kirbyism' as a driving factor in GW's decision-making. They're engaging with the customer base in multiple encouraging ways, which is great! Unfortunately, a lot of bad decisions are baked into their product for at least a few years. The 'sell less for more' strategy is going to be an enormously difficult thing to remove from the company's business model, assuming there's even any desire to do that.

    A grim note for GW from today, from impeccable rumor-man 75hastings69, who said the following over on Warseer:
    Quote Originally Posted by 75hastings69
    I know a lot of people there too, AOS is NOT doing great, at all, anywhere.
    GW's got a lot of work ahead of them if they're going to reverse the current trends.

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    I'm pretty 'meh' on the stock movement as there are so many market influences that can distort it either way. I have been concerned for the last decade with their strategy of ever increasing prices which they continue to vigorously pursue. It's at the point where even those with truckloads of money are losing some of their enthusiasm... which is sad as they have created some wonderful settings and barring the occasional 'ugly as sin' kit, they do offer high quality products.
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