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    Default Scenery: Landing Pad

    After a shaky start a few months back I have since fallen in love with the increasingly popular range of MDF scenery that is now available out there. It is quick to build, easily painted and eminently more affordable than it's plastic counterparts all of which are key selling points for me. The other bonus is that it isn't covered in stupid little skulls like all of GW's 40k terrain which means that I can use it in a diverse range of settings.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Here we have my latest MDF offering... a large and fairly impressive looking landing pad that is essentially a streamlined version of GW's Skyshield Landing Platform. I got this from eBay and I have been suitably impressed by it. Assembly took about an hour and painting it a further two hours so overall this was a fairly rapid project with very satisfying results.

    The one slight gripe about MDF is that frequently there are obvious joins where the wooden pieces interlock with each other. In this instance the pillars that hold the structure aloft slot into the main body of the landing pad from below, meaning that each leaves six little 'join' rectangles visible around the main landing area. I could have easily ignored this marks, but instead I thought I'd put a bit of extra effort in and so I painted them as alternating red and yellow landing lights that I really think have actually enhanced the aesthetic of the overall structure.

    I also created an 'H' stencil with some graph paper and then sprayed this white before overlaying it with a heavy degree of weathering to give the impression of a well used facility.

    I'm really happy with how this terrain piece has turned out and I'm sure it will be forming an objective in one of my games in the near future! There are more pictures on my blog at: Here's my blog, a mix of retro 40k and 30k Horus Heresy hobby goodness! Please stop by and say hello!

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    Legio, really like this and the light idea to cover the joins worked really well.

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    Cheers mate. I have to say I am really warming to the whole MDF movement! It is just so convenient! Here's my blog, a mix of retro 40k and 30k Horus Heresy hobby goodness! Please stop by and say hello!

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    It looks great for a wooden piece of scenery!

    My one slight critism though perhaps you may want to paint on some gloss varnish on the 'lights' to make them really stand out from the duller matte surface.
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