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    Default Crit Damage Miniature Games Guild Ball Match Report!

    Welcome to the Crit Damage Miniature Games Guild Ball league "Gases and Ghosts".

    This league will showcase the game of Guild Ball with various people coming in to throw down vs the CDMG guys at the den!

    Ep:1 Chase with his Alchemists take on Mike with Morticians.

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    Ep two is now live!

    Engineers vs Masons!

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    Ep 3 is up and ready!

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    Ep:5 Now with 100% more hunters!

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    New GuildBall match report is up and live!
    Sorry about the drag in content over last week but we all have been super busy with other then tabletop lives unfortunately!
    Trash talk reports are more banter and more talking about tactics etc as we are practicing for an event!
    Anyway Masons vs Butchers!!!

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    Another match report is up with Engineers taking on Butchers

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    This time Hunters Theron takes on Smoke's Alchemists team!

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    Learning game for one of our ex Blood bowl players!

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    New match Smoke vs Hammer!!


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