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    Default Shibboleth's Sumptown Chronicles

    Many of you may be familiar with my "Sump City", a terrain project I began a year and a half ago, documenting my terrain projects for Inquisimunda/Necromunda, etc. I've built a LOT of terrain and it's been a fun project. The reaction the original project received has been flattering (I seem to be Pinterested a lot) and inspired me to push my hobby skills and imagination with this deeper incarnation.

    I've been thinking a lot about a 2.0 version of that initial idea, and feel that I hadn't fully realized the concept in the way I really wanted. I'm also driven by the desire to build terrain that balances my modeling interests in creating Diorama style playing pieces with ease of gameplay. I got to the point where I had SO MUCH scatter terrain that the setup and teardown was longer than desired, and there were many loose pieces, easily misplaced, lost, etc.


    I purchased some game tiles that are 300mm squares, almost 12", laser cut and precision made. They also have built in rare earth magnets, so each tile can SNAP into the other and stay connected. Knocking the table accidently is no longer catastrophic! lol.

    I've decided to build an incredible skirmish table with diorama qualities in each sector. Built with gaming in mind, so it has to accommodate figures, bases, etc... Plus, setup and teardown will be much quicker. I'll keep a few pieces of scatter terrain for occasional needs, as well as build some open area tiles that can accommodate my pre-existing larger buildings.

    Thematically, this will be the ultimate SUMPTOWN, a former industrial area that routinely floods, originally ruined and abandoned, to be rediscovered and inhabited by low lifes, scum, villains, and monstrosities.

    Here is the first tile I built

    I had painted this shanty earlier, so when I prime and paint the tile, I'll mask it off. I've experimented with layouts for a number of tiles, and come up with a few guiding rules for myself. One of them is that tiles should always have at least one element that is askew. So in the case of the shipping container, it's helpful to keep it non-parallel. When lined up with other tiles, it creates the possibility of a narrow alleyway. The container will likely have a lot of graffiti, as well as litter in the alley section.

    "Front View" of the tile. The Water processor needs a lot more detailing. More pipes, random groups of wiring, perhaps a 2nd "Spigot". The cardboard will receive Liquitex Resin Sand texture gel, to give it the appearance of concrete. The entire structure also needs a hundred nuts/bolts holding it together. Overall, just want to make it very busy.

    You may notice there are 2 metal ring loops, one on the Processor, and one on the 2nd floor of the Fishmonger. There will be a clothesline between the two structures, suspended over the central alleyway.

    Thinking of including a small table outside the fishmonger's with rotten fish on it. The lower floor of the Processing tube will have a control station. I'm waiting on some control panels from Copplestone Casting's Kiss Kiss Bang Bang line for that piece. I plan on including some wiring out of the control panel up the side of the tube, perhaps splitting off to the Necromunda bulkhead to "power" a light, which I'll paint with Object Source lighting effects onto the ground below. I also plan on adding a rounded half-circle section of concrete around the base of the tube. That will contrast nicely with dark earth for the rest of the tile. I may also include some little puddles of waste here and there.


    The circular platform will be painted with distressed yellow/black hazard striping. I'm ordering some Forge World Brass Etch eagles and will likely place one on this platform. It will feel similar to my Sump City Tower #7 piece from my prior thread. I've considered including some boxes on the roof, but think it may be best to keep it open and simply use scatter terrain when needed. It will store easier, and I'm not inclined to always provide cover up top, effectively fortifying it for all future games.

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    Roughly how many tiles are you planning to make in total? The pictures look like the back-2-baseix ones; if so, will you be using some of their different height ones as well?
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    @ Morgrim: The tiles are from Back to Baseix I spent a lot of time considering them before purchasing, mainly because the shipping to the US is fairly pricy. I have to say that I love the product- it's very cool and easy to work with. It also has a really pleasing "snap" when the magnets lock the boards together. No more worries about items getting knocked around with this configuration.

    I purchased 24 tiles, 16mm high. I'm sticking with that as a base for the set.

    - - - Updated - - -


    I did a little work last night; here's an update:

    Added a few more items for texture on the shipping container. Also textured the ground area with Liquitex Resin Sand.

    Added the concrete area where the control console will sit, added a table at the fishmonger's, added a few skulls and a sewer grate in the ground area.

    Added the wire for the clothes line. not secured, as I need to access it still for the objects that will hang, as well as for priming reasons. Added more pipes and mechanical bits to the processor. I think the processor feels about right to me. Once I texture the tower, there will be plenty of room to add streaking, sludge effects, etc.


    I painted the tile, about 95% done. A few touches missing, such as fish for the table, a computer console (still waiting on my Copplestone castings order), as well as adding some subtle toxic leaking streaks on the barrels and some water effects in puddles on the tile. I may go back and darken up some of the rust effects at the pipes. Not completely thrilled with how orange they are.

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    This is awesome! A entire table of this kind of quality would be amazing.
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    Thanks Cactus! Making steady progress towards an entire table. I've purchased 24 tiles to build on, and am well into a third of the way done. Trying to catch up with photography!

    Hung out with Grimpulp the other day and we took a few fun pics with his gangers on the new tile.

    more pics to come soon for Tile #2

    - - - Updated - - -


    I've been working on the last small details of Tile #1. I'll have some pics soon. Took your suggestion and added some Daemonette Claws as "Lobsta", also added some miniature lobsters. Added a rusty ship anchor at the fishmongers too. Pics soon.

    TILE #2: Power Substation

    Sorry, no WIP pics of the build. This one was pretty fast and furious. I do have these pics of the tile after I primed it black. This tile is a heavy industrial tile, some sort of local power substation, powering the quadrant. Has a keeper's shanty at the base, several generators, and the ruins of a former imperial pipe section. Should be fun to paint and play on.



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    Went on a little road trip and had an opportunity to hang out with Migsula of IRONSLEET. Migsula is an incredibly talented convertor & painter, one of the original Blanchistu guys. Very fun, nice to chat about painting, converting, and the Pilgrym project.

    We took a few glamor shots on my new terrain piece, and thought we'd share the CROSSOVER pics.

    Migsula had one of Thistle's figs on him, so we couldn't resist the photo op.

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    Managed to use the weekend and get some painting done! Still WIP, but about 75% there.

    I want to add some yellow/black hazard stripes, paint the computer consoles, need to paint the shack on the rear side of the piece, assorted garbage (posters, signs, skulls) etc... I also need to paint some oil washes on the concrete tube structures

    Here is a shot of Tiles 1 & 2 next to each other, looking down a "main street":

    I also took a picture of a few members of my Inquisitorial Warband exploring the industrial wastes...

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    Busy building & painting here. I need to take a moment for photography to catch up soon! I'm now have 7 tiles fully built & painted, in addition to the massive double tile Spire. Still working on detailing that piece- it's huge!

    Last weekend I played some Inquisimunda and took a few atmosphere pics of the game, as well as an overview of the table from above. Still more work to do! But overall, it's starting to shape up.

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    Deeper into the Sump.....

    I've been busy building & painting these as fast as time permits.

    Here is the 4th Tile, a shanty cluster hab area built next to an industrial/chem overpass ruin. In keeping with the nautical theme, the little shack bar has been named "The Lazy Oarsman"


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    Your work is EPIC I love the look and feel of this terrain. The water is amazing looking,


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