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    Default Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game

    A bunch of info on Faeit about the return of LOTR/Hobbit, rebranded as Middle-Earth SBG:

    I had a lot of fun with it, so I'm glad to see it coming back and planned updates through at least 2020. I hope the plastics will be re-released as plastics.

    This game had some really good miniatures, and wasn't too expensive to get into, had solid rules, and had an IP that people knew well. If these aren't just rumors, that's going to be some nice news for the future!

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    Never got it into it but glad to see it get some support. Do agree on the miniatures, some of the technically best plastic kits they've done (with better proportions and sense of realism compared to their other lines, the dwarfs especially) I can't see any reason they would rerelease the plastics as resin if they still have the moulds for the plastic ones already though, allthough if the moulds are too worn out they would probably go with resin. What is most interesting to me is the "new starter set" bit, I wonder if that would have entirely new plastics or use existing ones in a new package.
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    Probably could just toss some existing kits into the starter set to get it out the door faster and cheaper. I don't think that'd be a bad thing, you could pack some Elves and/or Dwarfs on side (or humans, I guess), and Orcs on the other, and have a good selection of nice plastic models to choose from.

    I have a 500 point Mirkwood Elves force so far, only 22 models but they are nasty. Got a smattering of other models from over the years, too.

    Those miniatures were also awesome for RPGs. The old local GW manager would even tell people that, and it helped sell models.

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    It is a really good game. Clever mechanics that keep both players active more of the time. Scale (ish) models for the characters from the films. WoTR is also really good and for those that need to scratch the big blocks of troops itch it's much better than KOW (in my opinion). If it got a down side I think the whole two sides thing hampers it a little but it can be ignored.
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    It's a bloody superb game!

    It's got an unnecessarily negative rep in some gaming circles though, and I put that down to the original, really rather lack lustre boxed set. For a game that depends on Heroic Acts of Derring Do, that box didn't contain any. All it contained were Men and Elves, fighting against Goblins. Forces which didn't fight each other in the film.

    Now, fast forward a few years, and you get the Moria boxed game. So. Much. Better. Full fellowship, lots of Goblins, and a Cave Troll. It was focussed. It was a campaign based on the besterest scenes in the film. It also really showed off the game play (anyone who *****ed their might to duff up Goblins found the Cave Troll a difficult prospect).

    This 'correct' approach ('' used because it's just like, my opinion, man) was used for The Hobbit. But I'd say it suffered from the film being a wee big lack lustre this time.

    Back when I worked for GW last (2009-2010) I had pretty good success selling the rule books to our local Historical Crowd, because your win depended far more on your tactics than cunningly applied dirty tricks.

    So I'm enthused to hear it's sticking around! Especially if they continue with War of The Ring, another mightily underrated game (for those unaware, think a faff-free Warhammer type. Not to everyone's taste, but a good rule set)

    Wonder what, if any, new stuff we might see?
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    There was a suggestion that the Battle of Five Armies stuff would be properly fleshed out, after they had to rush what they could to market initially. That'll be good to see. It'd also be a good way to tie-in the larger battle rules.

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    True that. There's a fair chunk of units and that in the film which didn't make it into model form.

    I'm interested to see how this one goes. LotR was massive because the films were so well received. The Hobbit appeared to flounder just as the films did.

    Why appeared? My first hand experience of LotR was when I worked for GW the second time. The Hobbit stuff? Working elsewhere.

    Still, I've got my Stephen Fry in blister pack, and the hardback rule book.
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    Well, the Hobbit game wasn't really pushed as much in the stores, it seems. Locally it took a while for anyone to get into it, and when they did, they loved it. But even with a manager who could get people to buy just about anything WFB or 40K, he didn't push Hobbit that much. Felt like that was just a company policy, that they only did Hobbit because they were obligated to do so, but didn't feel like pushing it when they could push their own IP. Combine that with the already lacking public response, and it's not good for a game.

    I think the movies' biggest problems were being split into three (two would have been enough to tell the whole story of the book without other stuff from ME being added in), and people being a bit burned out on Middle Earth having already gotten the epic LOTR series of movies.

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    Updates from Warhammerfest!

    Billy Connelly is sculpted, as is his Piggy - just awaiting the sign off by the License Owner.

    Big Dwarf Ballista likewise, and Dwarfs with hefty shield and spear.

    We're also getting Laketown houses as plastic scenery kits - and they are gorgeous. Each comes with a boat and some walkway planking. Gable ends are also reversible to add variety. Never mind Hobbit games, depending on price I can see those being popular terrain for any wargame. Seriously nice stuff!

    Oh, and older sculpts will be returning. Sadly I can't remember which ones, but I did see The Shade for certain.
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