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    Quote Originally Posted by Erik Setzer View Post
    Maybe thinking of "YMMV -> "Your Mileage May Vary" (i.e. "your experience may differ"). In the gameplay, I haven't seen any less than I did from people playing WFB. Online, I've seen plenty of AoS community members get salty about any criticism of the game (not talking people who pop up just to complain about the game). There were also all the people who said "You're playing it wrong" if you don't play it like they do.

    The shot against the WFB community and the "old guard" is itself a display of negativity. The attitude that people coming into the game and helping support it and keep it around is somehow bad is, itself, negativity.

    At the end of the day, they're still gamers, and a lot of the AoS community, if not the majority, is made up of people who were part of the WFB community. So this whole "us vs. them" vibe is kind of weird, a lot of hypocrisy, and just silly because, again, they're all gamers, and gamers can get pretty riled up at times. It's something you see in any passionate group.
    Excuse me, the AoS community it negative because when people turn up moaning about it they aren't positive about that? Yeah right that's their faulty not the people turning up to be negative. I wonder what'd happen if I went to an another games forum and started telling everyone how bad it was what'd happen, I bet they'd have a "negative" community pretty quickly. I worry about you sometimes. If you put in negativity you get negativity back bacause your attitude and behaviour to them affects their attitude and behaviour towards you (the Bartaris box theory)

    Also I'd be more inclined to your current "we're all just gamers" stance if you hadn't on numerous times since its release refered to a number of posters (including me) as Trolls for daring to claim we like AoS.

    Also if you want to argue with Path argue with Path.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Auticus View Post
    Having written one of the comp systems that was used until the official points announcement, I will say that I had a decent amount of vitriol sent my way from the AOS community for "encouraging people to play AOS the wrong way". I had a guy on facebook track my name down and find my phone number and start text harassing me, and i had quite a few private facebook messages sent from jokers who were sending trolling memes because I pushed for comp and not "officialdom".

    I've seen quite a bit of negativity from AOS community members. I'd say equal amounts of it. In the end gamers are gamers and in the end a lot of the AOS community were former WHFB people who were just as prone to negativity and hyperbole as anyone.

    That being said - being a part of a group that supports your hobby is vital and keeps interest up and there is also a fair amount of that as well. My point in posting is just to say that the current AOS community is not less hostile than the old whfb community was; I find them to be roughly the same in terms of hostility level.
    Well I'm genuinely sorry to hear that. I know you'd left the Facebook group we were both in but in assumed that was over the points announcement. You were rather upset. like I said I've not experienced it but that doesn't mean you haven't. It's a bit disappointing to hear.
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    I left that facebook group for a few reasons. The points announcement was upsetting yes because my campaign system was at that moment torpedoed. Why I got off the social media pages though was because there were a lot of super nasty comments made about the comp systems (all of them not just mine) and a few people were sending me nasty PMs and images, and thats not the kind of community I wanted to be a part of.

    Granted there were a lot of super cool people on there as well, but I've found my enjoyment of the game in general vastly improved once I was away from the nasty element that also dwelled there.

    Basically the celebration dance that all of the comp systems were dead and that people would now play in the one true right way was enough for me to excuse myself from the table.

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    It would be cool if they do three distinct tzeentch factions for AoS : daemons of tzeentch, arcanites (mortal humans) and the beastmen.
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    Yeah, one of the things that AoS has going for it is the mini factions. They could split them up a lot.

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    Bit of a sod to keep up with them for those of us who are completist weirdos

    Still need to pick up Pestilens.
    Fed up for Scalpers?

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    I've never felt Chaos has been as diverse as it should be in either game, but with AoS you get more of a chance to do that with the focus on mini-factions. You could probably do a battletome for Tzeentch daemons without any new models (like the ghouls, seraphon and pestilens factions), leaving just the beastmen and mortal humans to make model ranges for. I think it makes sense there would be lots of different cultures even under one god. Besides, I've been bored of the constant focus on khorne (especially) and nurgle so ill be happy if Tzeentch gets a lot of love for a while.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Mystery View Post
    Bit of a sod to keep up with them for those of us who are completist weirdos
    Well, you are our resident completist. We need you around to be our living fluff-encyclopedia!
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    Well Games Workshop just revealed the heroes of Silver Tower officially.
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