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    Default How Do You Paint Tzeentch Beastmen ?

    Hey all.

    I am hoping the vault of knowledge out there can help me. I decided to go a little outside of the fluff with my beastmen army basing them out of a desert rather than a forest. Instead of raiding and and pillaging from a forest base it was more of wandering from oasis to oasis doing what beastmen do best.

    I first tried a muted Yellow scheme however I couldn't manage to make it work (either looked like a rubber duck in armor or blended into the bases and was very boring) so my second thought is to try Tzeentch (blue and purple).

    I had seen it done to great effect on the GW site a couple months back but the images are no longer posted. I don't want a boring run of the mill brown army and want my army to stand out but not so much that they are a complete distraction.

    Links to images of completed work would be great

    Thanks a lot
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    id try albino fur because yellow fur/skin looks soiily so albino (bleached bone) fur with a light brown skin tone, gold/ bloue armour and a few simple GS mutations (or spawn spares!!)
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    Blue to purple is one of my favorite combinations to work. I basecoat with midnight blue (I know it's discontinued, but if you have a pot about it's amazing) because it has a purplish tinge to it so it's a wonderful base for both. For purple work with Liche Purple, blending in small amounts of bleached bone as you work up to lighter shades, for blue I work with Enchanted Blue, blending with ice blue and bleached bone to get lighter shades. I find that if I blend with skull white for either I tend to get candy colors (my term for too bright and cartoony) rather than subtle color changes. I would do fur scorched brown base and gradually blend in snakebite leather as I work up the shading, then add small amounts of bleached bone to the final mixed color for extreme highlights. A diluted wash of Ogryn Flesh or Gryphonne Sepia will add depth and a nice warm tone to the fur/flesh areas.
    I ramble, but you picked a color combo I love.
    Good luck!

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    Personally i'd try to blend a brown up to a blueish tint.
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    The old beastmen book had them tiger striped skin with blue fur

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    Make it Chaotic, and avoid the other God's favorite colors. With Tzeentch, it's all gravy. Especially if they look like they got looked at under a prism.



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