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Thread: 2GM Tactics

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    Default 2GM Tactics

    Greetings friends,

    After sent to printer the first game in English language from Spanish publisher Draco Ideas, ONUS, they are working hard in their second title: 2GM Tactics.

    2GM Tactics was released in Spanish language in 2015 with a great success. It’s a game that combine easy to learn and easy to play mechanics, with a strategic component.

    Now, I’m introducing 2GM Tactics to you, because Draco Ideas is going to launch a Kickstarter campaign in June, in order to print the 1st English language edition together the 2nd Spanish edition of the game. Further to it they are going to release new expansion packs together the game in order to try to get the same good acceptance and success of the first game ONUS that shall be sent to backers in June as it was expected.

    2GM Tactics is a card game based in World War II, where each player should manage his units (represented by cards) and their equipment (represented by markers). Taking advantage of the terrain types present, and player resources and support cards players have to fight at WWII Europe battlefields.

    Players: 1 - 4. Rules for solo play and campaign rules are included.
    Minimum recommended age: 12 years old.
    Game length: 30 - 120 minutes depending on the scenario played.

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    Greetings friends,
    We are going to give you the game components.
    At 2GM Tactics box you can find about 220 cards of three different cards decks: US Army cards deck, German Army cards deck, and Terrain cards deck. Furthermore, a few cards have been included as for example Generals cards, or help/summarize cards.

    For each Army card deck, there are different unit cards like infantry, tanks, transport vehicles, artillery guns, aircraft, and support cards. There are different unit types and furthermore, they can be equipped with special particulars by the use of equipment counters.
    So for example, infantry units cards may be equipped with grenades, mortar, HMG, sniper rifles, or flamethrower, even may be specialized as medics, mechanics, or engineers. In the same way, there are several tanks units cards as light, medium or heavy tanks, recon vehicles, …

    Support cards are part of each player army deck. These cards provide to player supplies, promotion even special equipment, to provide some advantages to player units or to obstruct enemy plans.
    Terrain cards shall be 2 sided printed. They provide different terrain types as for example trenches, walls, houses, barbed wire, bunkers,…
    Finally, General cards, with their special abilities, provide to each player tactical advantages during the game.

    Furthermore cards decks that are the main game component you can find:
    · About 16 mapboard tiles printed at both sides with some clear and other terrain types like woods, mountains, lakes, rivers…
    · About 100 markers and counters.
    · 2 ten sided dice.
    · Rulesbook, that contains game rules, solitaire game mode rules, historic scenarios, and 4 complete campaigns: Overlord, Cobra, Market Garden, and Wacht am Rhein (Bulge) operations.

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    Greetings friends!

    At the Kickstarter coming soon together the Spanish Second Edition and the English First Edition of the basic game that we have been introducing in the previous posts, 2GM TACTICS opens new fronts now adding other Nations to the game. So we hope you support us joining to the battle!

    2GM Tactics moves to battlefields of Egypt and Lybia. Two new nations are taking part in these battles: Great Britain and Italy.

    This expansion pack lets players revive the battles fought by English and Italian forces, before the German Afrika Korps arrival to the theatre of operations.


    On the other side, Germany breaks the non-aggression pact with USSR and starts the Barbarrossa Campaign, bringing the blitzkrieg to Russian lands.

    Most of Spanish players have been asking for new Armies to join the battle, specifically the Red Army. We have worked hard to bring them in within a short period of time.

    So, furthermore, the base game cards, new unit types, support cards, terrain cards and Generals shall be added to the game experience. We are even working on a campaign book based in the new available fronts too.

    We will keep you informed, and we will see you on the battlefield!

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    Greetings friends!

    Here you have the 2GM Tactics promotional video:

    Soon we share more news with you!

    We will see you on the battlefield!

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    Greetings friends!

    We hope you like the promotional video... here you have the four boxes of the expansion packs:

    We will see you on the battlefield!

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    Hi soldiers!

    Are you ready for the battle?

    In only 2 weeks, on the 12th July, the 2GM TACTICS Kickstarter campaign starts.

    We have a lot of surprises ready for the campaign: some stretch goals, and exclusive components.

    For the moment we have some commandos under enemy lines performing sabotage missions waiting for the Kickstarter invasion.

    We will see you on the battlefield!

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    Hi soldiers!

    Less than 7 days left for the Kickstarter 2GM TWG launching. We are very nervous waiting for the battle, but we are looking forward to it.

    At the North Africa 'Theater', the British 3,7 pounds QF AA batteries are ready to protect the armoured british forces advance, while the Italians try to mislead the British using decoys.

    On the other side, at the East front, the German North Army Group have reached the gates of Leningrad. The Soviet city is ready to resist the enemy siege under the command of General Gueorgui Zhukov.

    Men are ready and the countdown has started!

    We will see you in the battlefield!

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    Hi soldiers!

    2GM TWG is on Kickstarter now!!!

    We hope you like it!

    Here you have the link to the campaign:

    Thank you in advance for your support!

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    We have funded in the first 24 hours!!

    Thank you friends for your support!!

    The first SG has been unlocked too.

    To celebrate that we reached the goal pretty early we include a Scenarios Book. It contains the first five historical scenarios of the North Africa's campaign.

    We would be able to make this Scenarios Book grow with new campaigns and scenarios while unlocking SGs. And new cards and exclusive stuff will show up as well.

    As many of you requested it we are working on a downloadable English version of the Solo Rules. When available we will update you.

    Thank you again for your support, and we will see you on the battlefield!!


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