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Thread: 2GM Tactics

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    After a great campaign start the first goals have been unlocked.

    The Allied army has unlocked 15 cards, 10 of them just for backers. The Axis army has 8 new cards, 3 of them just for backers.

    Besides, the expansion boxes will have a plastic inlay and the backers will receive a special bag with the game´s logo, perfect for the dice and counters.

    New vehicles are waiting in the stretch goals as long as new cards and game resources. The terrain cards will become very important and change the course of a battle

    See you in the battlefield!

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    Hi friends!

    The battle continues and new stretch goals have been unlocked!.

    Now we have Counterattack, barricades, sand dunes, desert buildings and ruins cards available for the British and Italian forces and a textile U.S. bag.

    Not just support and terrain cards have been unlocked. Furthermore, just for backers, 3 new Panzer II and M3 Lee cards were unlocked as well.

    Meanwhile we continue working in new cards artwork.

    Come on!! We can't win the war in the first week. The way to the victory is long and there are some surprises close to you... are you ready for them?

    We will see you on the battlefield!

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    Today we bring hot news about 2GM. As many of you requested, we have included 5 new t-shirts as add-ons to the campaign--one per nationality.

    Which one do you like the most? The classic US one with an M4 Sherman? Or do you prefer the threatening Panther?

    4 sizes are available: M, L, XL and XXL. We hope you like them.

    On the other hand, we reached 300 fans at BGG ( Thanks for making that happen! Now our supporters will enjoy the enormous "Maus" tank and a special scenario.

    Thank you for your support.

    We will see you on the battlefield!

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    Greetings friends,

    Our next step in the battlefield requires the use of a paratrooper support card... 2GM lands in Gen Con 2016.

    You can see and try our games at the Discover International Games event that takes place on Saturday the 6th, from 8.00 PM to 12.00PM.

    There shall be one table available for ONUS, where you can see and play with the base game ONUS! Rome Vs Carthage, and the 2 expansion packs -- Terrain & Fortreses and Greeks & Persians.

    Furthermore you can have a look at the ONUS! campaign book and the ONUS playmat, both of which have received good responses from backers.

    On the other table, you can see 2GM Tactics (1st Spanish Edition). It will be hard to play if you don't speak Spanish, but you'll have an exact idea of the quality we are offering on our kickstarter.

    So we hope see you on the battlefield, and GenCon too!

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    Greetings friends,

    We continue the campaign… A new stretch goal has been unlocked, and now the British forces have the Crusader Light Tank and the Italian forces get both the M11/39 Medium Tank and Paratroopers cards.

    If your are going to GenCon, you can see the Spanish version of 2GM and get a feel for the quality right in your hands. For those who can't see the game in person, we have posted a game unboxing video in English, recorded by Kevin Duke. Thank you Kevin! We hope you like it.

    Many people have been asking for solo rules and, we have posted a first approach of the Solo Rules in English. While we expect to do some English editing and polishing, you can download them here in order to have a look:

    Spread the word to your gamer friends and help us reach more Stretch Goals. We will see you on the battlefield!

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    Greetings friends,

    So far, we have reached 12 goals. That means there are 86 new cards unlocked, 38 of them EXCLUSIVE!

    Plenty of extra scenarios too, include 3 Campaigns, which in games to games in a series of battles. Those getting the UK and Italian expansion will enjoy the first part of the North Africa Campaign (pre Rommel!). We are also including the early days of Operation Barbarossa for the Eastern Front expansions, and the Normandy Campaign will take the UK forces from 'Sword' beach to Caen. That makes a total of 11 more history based scenarios. (Plus the Special scenario that uses the "Maus" giant tank-- another Exclusive card!)

    The Base game is getting a plastic inlay and cloth bags (exclusive!) for the German and US sides.

    There are still plenty of goals to unlock and we have several surprises. Let´s go for them!

    We still have time to really grab a lot more stretch goals, but ask for a group effort to do it.

    Soon we are going to share French rules translation, made by a game fan, so we continue working and growing.

    We see you on the battlefield!

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    Greetings friends,

    Tomorrow you and all our interested gamers may see in detail all cards of 2GM TACTICS (Base game) and ONUS! our first game at GEN CON.

    They shall be shown at the Discover International Games event that takes place onSaturday the 6th, from 8.00 PM to 12.00PM.

    We will have two tables there. The main one with 2GM so you will be able to see and touch what there is inside the base game box and why not to start thinking about what your army would look like in your next battle.

    The other table will have ONUS and its expansions.

    You may find them at room ICC 242.

    There is a website available:

    On the other side, thanks to Thierry Salgon and François Masquère, Rulebook and Solo Rules are now available in French.

    Finaly we would liker to share with your a great review from our friends of A wargamers neeful things. We hope you enjoy it!


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    Greetings friends,

    We have reached the last stage of our campaign with a lot of new game components added.

    Thank you for your support. With your help, we have unlocked 17 stretch goals and we continue upgrading our armies with new units and support cards. So far we have increased the available games by 106 new cards, with 45 are exclusive for backers.

    Furthermore 13 new scenarios, part of 3 historical campaigns have been added to the campaign book. And, we are going to add weather effect tables, and cloth bags, coasters...

    But we still are engaged in the struggle. We can unlock 26 more new cards, and 9 new scenarios, and more counters... and we have some more stretch goals in mind, if the numbers keep going up. How far can we reach? It is up to you, but we know we need new recruits to hit big numbers.

    In other news, a new 150x75cm playmat has been included as add-on. This new playmat is specially designed for a 4 player game and it will allow you to play with 2 'Headquarters' in each side instead of 1. The mat also comes with 48 special terrain cards.

    Grab a friend, post a message somewhere, and join us on the battlefield!

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    Greetings friends!

    Our Kickstarter campaign is in its last week!

    We have prepared new stretch goals for this week: New Eastern Front Generals are coming, along with transport units for Africa and artillery for all the expansions. There will be new campaigns as well. New battles in Africa (El Alamein), the Summer Campaign at the Eastern Front and the US invasion of Sicily. We also have new tokens for all the expansions and the Italian Cloth Bag.

    Furthermore, we have un locked two stretcg goals.

    Within the Soviet Union expansion we will include 3 ZIS-3 medium artillery cards; within the Germany expansion 3 Tiger II heavy tank cards; within the UK expansion 2 'Enlist' supply cards; within the Italy expansion 2 'Reinforcements' supply cards. The Scenarios Book will have the second part of the Eastern Front campaign including 3 Historical battles of the Winter Campaign: The battle of Moscow and the soviet counterattack that ended with the second battle of Kharkov.

    Just for backers there will be 3 Fiat 3000 Italian light tank cards and 3 QF-6 pounder British artillery. Within the UK and Italy expansions we will include 2 'Under Supressive Fire' cards. The Scenarios Book will have the battle of Crete including 3 Historical battles of the German Operation Mercury at Maleme to control the military airport and Galatas. Replying to several backer´s request we will include in every expansion Terrain tokens that we may place over units as a modifiers reminder.

    We will see you on the battlefield

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    Greetings friends!

    Just 3 days left before the Kickstarter campaign is over.

    Figures are astonishing. More than 20 unlocked Stretch Goals: 150 new cards (55 just for backers), 30 Scenarios belonging to 8 Campaigns and a lot of extra stuff.

    Together with the initial cards we have 690 cards.

    But we still have some days left, so we inform you about the last SGs and a FINAL REWARD

    New unit cards for the expansions within the last 4 SGs. New airplanes and reinforcement units that will fight at the Eastern Front and North of Africa. And some support and exclusive cards for all the armies.

    We will also include new Campaigns in the Scenarios Book. From the battle of Stalingrad till the battle of Kursk at the Eastern Front; More to the West, combats at Hürtgen Woods; UK will invade Sicily (new campaign); and 3 historical scenarios: Dunkirk, Kasserine annd Pointe du Hoc.

    As a final reward we include the Italy's campaign: From the Allies' invasion till the battles at Gustav and Gothic Lines. And 6 Generals just for this campaign and the KS.

    Finally we include the Soviet cloth bag.

    We will see you on the battlefield!


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