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Thread: 2GM Tactics

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    We are in the last 48 hours!

    Today we have reach some SG like BGG 600 fans, and 67K$ and we are so close to reach 69K$ and 400 retweets.

    Here you have a photo of 2GM at GenCon 2016:

    Thank you friends for your support!!

    We will see you on the battlefield!!

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    Greetings friends!!

    Our Kickstarter campaign finishes in 12 hours!!

    In last days we have unlocked some stretch goals, in fact we are so close to unlock 75K$ SG too!!

    Thank you for your support and your efforts in this days. In appreciation for your support to the campaign we are going to unlock free the 1000 Backers SG for all backers! So T35 soviet tank shall be available for backers together a special designed scenario.

    Furthermore we have added final 80K$ stretch goal that we have called the End of the war stretch goal.

    We have decided to add some reinforcements for the UK and Italy expansions. For UK we will include 3 Comet medium tank cards and the Conflicting Orders support card. For Italy 3 L6/40 Light tank cards, 3 Semovente 47/32 self-propelled artillery cards and 2 Bayonets and Conflicting Orders support cards.

    And the Soviets will get 2 Yak-9 fighter cards!!!!

    Just for backers, 3 M18 Hellcat American antitank cards and 3 Hummel German self-propelled artillery cards.

    We hope in last hours we can reach both locked SG (75K & 80K) in order to unlock all stretch goals available

    Thank you friends for your support!

    We will see you on the battlefield...

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    Greetings friends,

    Our campaign has finished. It was a hard work but we have received a great support.... almost 900 backers!!!

    Thank you for your support.

    Now, we have to continue working hard to comply with the expected delivery date.

    Thank you again, and we will see you on the battlefield.

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    Greetings friends,

    Since campaign ends we have worked hard in 2GM. Here you have how our taks advance:

    The Spanish version of the base game is completed. In regards with the expansions, we are working in some illustrations and layout of some of the cards. Almost half of these are ready to be deployed onto the battlefield.

    With regards the English version, we are in the final stages of proof-reading the rules and cards of the base game. For the expansions, the most important topic here is that we are progressing in parallel with the Spanish editions, so we assure everything is on track and that both editions are through and through identical. Currently, the texts in the cards is the only pending task and it will be reviewed a posteriori by a pro-team.

    Some of the extras, the coasters and the cloth bags, are already stored in the warehouse. The play mats are being printed as you read this update and we are still collecting some missing information about the T-shirts. The Campaign Book is being localized and then, once copy-edited, it will be properly laid-out.

    That’s all for now.

    See you in the battlefield!

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    Greetings friends,

    We have already sent the first set of components for a printing-test (tokens, tiles and HQ). Also, in a few days, we will send the definitive version of the boxes in both languages. We are currently proof-reading the English texts, as well as working with some illustrations and cards layout.

    We expect to have all the stuff in the printer before the end of November in order to perform the final and hopefully definitive color-print test. So, basically, that means that only the customized set of dice, the Art book and the Campaign Book will remain as a ‘work in progress’.

    And for those eager to see more about the game, here you have a set of new illustrations to come!

    See you all on the battlefield!

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    Greetings friends,

    Last weekend we have shown at Hispania wargames fair the sample we have received from 2GM and all expansion packs.

    We are very satisfied with the final results.

    We expect we can send the game to backers soon, in a few weeks.

    Thank you for your support!

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    Greetings friends,

    We are glad to announce the digital version of 2GM TWG for iOS and Android. The videogame, WWII Tactics Card Game, is now available for download at no additional cost after long months of development and testing. The digital version is a true reflection of the base game and we are convinced that it will please the war gamers community.

    The videogame is the result of a close partnership among Nerlaska Studio, Draco Ideas and Mr. Alberto Llano and it is the second game of a saga called War Series.

    In addition to the online 2 players games, WWII Tactics Card Game features a powerful built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI) system, enabling solo games against three levels of difficulty.

    The game does include a ranking system which allows you to get promoted as you achieve victories. Challenge your friends to become the most renowned Commanding Officer in WWII Tactics Card Game!

    As in the board game, your decisions are paramount to successfully outwit your enemies: customize your deck with powerful units, design a wise supply line to the HQ and deploy reinforcements in a timely manner!

    The digital game, which is totally free, is compatible with any Android device with version 2.3.3 or above and iOS and it's already available for download in English and Spanish in the Google Play Store and iOS APP Store:

    If you do enjoy the game, please rate it in the convenient APP store. It will help us to improve!


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