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    The extra notes would be kind of cool, but if it's existing stories, that's fine. I'm not much of a "collector" type so it'll be better (and cheaper) for me to just stick with buying the books in the selection I like. But for people who are collectors, this is an option.

    Just make that Inquisitor tankard available separately. (Okay, I suppose when it comes to drinkware - particular for drinking beer or coffee/tea, I am a bit of a "collector," but I've also used every glass, mug, tankard, etc. I have.)

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    Essential info for anyone looking to sign up, from the perspective of an existing customers of Hachetter.

    1. Payment is collected every four week, not monthly. The next collection date is stated on the letter that comes with your volumes.

    2. The collection is 'curated'. This means it's not any old release schedule, there's some forethought gone into which and when.

    3. Volumes are not released chronologically! So if you've a hankering for things to always look right, you'll need to see this through from start to finish.

    4. Hachette offer good customer service. Never had a problem in the 70 weeks I've been collecting the Dredd set.
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    I have received an email from Hachette - due to unprecedented demand they don't have sufficient stock and will be sending 1&2 free when available.

    No mention of the gizzits though.

    Sounds like it took off.

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    I can vouch for that!

    This sort of thing didn't happen with Dredd, you know

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Mystery View Post
    This sort of thing didn't happen with Dredd, you know
    Which could just mean that they were anticipating high demand for Dredd and ready for it, but didn't anticipate much demand for GW stuff and were surprised by it...

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    I know, hence the smiley

    Though the collection has only just been announced on Black Library's website.

    Could be Denzark and I have somewhat jumped the gun!

    And whilst I'm here, the first five volumes are.....

    First. Cue the appropriate music....

    1. The First Heretic

    2. Xenos

    3. Warriors of Ultramar

    4. 15 Hours

    5. Horus Rising
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    Hmm... I'm not sure I'm enough of a collector to spend that much on books I already have (and have read) just to look pretty on a shelf and maybe get some side commentary. But hey, there's a market for stuff like that, just like there's a market for $200 collector editions of video games. I'm sure other people aren't as into collecting mugs and drinking glasses (pint glasses, shot glasses, tankards, etc.) as I am, so I'm not gonna pass judgment.

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    Default re Hachette say that this part-work was merely a test!

    (11:04:55) Visitor 75607292: Hi, I subscribed to this a month ago and haven't received anything yet. The dates given are that it started in April.
    (11:08:26) Caedes: Hello?
    (11:14:07) Caedes: Is anyone there?
    (11:15:29) *** Chera-Lee joined the chat ***
    (11:15:48) Chera-Lee: Good day Martin Thank you for taking the time to write to us. This collection was a test that has now come to an end. You will each receive free issues as a token of appreciation. If/when it launches nationally you will receive benefits of being part of the test group. If you require any additional information, please feel free to contact us. Kind regards Chera-lee du Plessis Customer Care Please advise if any of your personal details have changed recently, such as contact numbers, address details or e-mail address. Should one or more of these details not have been provided previously, please add them to your next e-mail. This will ensure that we can contact you efficiently in future.
    (11:29:32) Caedes: So let me get this right, the website, the subscription and the product being offered on the website are not real products but are there purely to gather peoples details including card information? You did gather actual payment details as part of your 'test', the website is still up and shows a number of differing payment options. You do realise how dodgy this sounds right?
    (11:59:06) Caedes: hello?
    (12:02:21) Chera-Lee: Hi Martin This was just a test.We apologise for the inconvenience.
    (12:05:23) Caedes: So was the test being run by hachette?
    (12:09:45) Chera-Lee: Hi Martin, This was a test run by Hachette.
    (12:11:23) Chera-Lee: Taking your payment details was just to authenticate the subscription however no payment will be debited from your account and as soon as the collection is launched nationally you dont have to update your details again.
    (12:21:10) Caedes: I don't know if you can pass on feedback but this should have been a lot more honest in it's presentation, as it is I feel like this is fraudulent. Not a great way to introduce Hachette to new customers.
    (12:24:23) Chera-Lee: The feedback will be forwarded to the relevant department.

    Just thought some might be interested in this transcript of my conversation with Hachette regarding the 'subscription' I thought I had taken out.

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    I got the same thing.

    But again, I'd like to vouch for Hachette - never had problems with them on the Dredd Megacollection that they haven't sorted out quickly and without fuss.
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    A "test?" How does that work? What, did GW ask them to put together some fake product images and descriptions and run a "test" to see if there was enough demand to even bother doing it, without informing people it was such a thing?

    The whole thing sounds like a giant facepalm-worthy example of marketing ineptitude. Seriously, someone at that company needs to get their butts in line and start coming up with cohesive plans. Seems they've been trying to throw things at a brick wall lately to see what sticks.

    Hopefully for the sake of people who expected to be signing up for this service, something will come of it. At the very least, some swag from BL.
    Critical statements above are not intended to promote negativity or dislike, they are meant to add to a discussion where the positive points have likely already been stated.


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