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    Default Fast, fun, forces for Fathers.

    Hi Bolsketeers, I don't get to play much anymore. I am the dreaded "home game" guy who comes replete with multiple stoppages for nappies, feeding etc (two kids 2yr old and 7 mths)
    I've realised that I have to rationalise my forces after seeing what happened to an eldar guardian my daughter got hold of while my back was turned. Anyway....I played this list and had a blast, my turns were very short and options were delightfully limited. I could play and police the kids! and I shook the dust of my ol' Defiler and LandRaiders.

    2000pts CSM
    6x Khorne Berzerkers ch power sword
    Landraider Dozer

    10x Cultists
    Landraider Dozer

    Defiler Havoc Launcher

    2x Chaos Spawn of Nurgle
    5x Chaos Spawn of Nurgle

    Heldrake Baleflamer

    Vengeance Battery 2x Battlecannon

    Chaos Knight Paladin Dirge caster

    Fast and fun, mainly big models I can keep an eye on easily. Anyone else got sweet n' fast relatively child proof lists?
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