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    Default Aelf Release Roundup

    The Aelf Release

    Industry sources tell BoLS: 5-17-2016

    Aelfs are the next faction in the Age of Sigmar release schedule

    Look for a multi-week release window on par with January's Fyreslayers

    The modelcounts listed are:

    • 2 New Foot Units
    • 1 Oversized cavalry unit
    • 1 Large Monster kit
    • Aelf Battletome
    • Aelf Painting Guide
    • One of the foot units is described as and "Aelf-Dryad" unit, while the big monster kit is described as a "beetle".
    Just yesterday, rumormonger Squiggly mentioned the Aelfs with the following details:

    • The Aelfs are Slyvaneth
    • The Dryads are armed with halberd/sickle weapons
    Speaking of Beetles and Aelf-Dryads kits, these two pics make a lot more sense now...

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image-1.jpeg 
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ID:	18609Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image.jpeg 
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    definitely need some of these
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    I suspect Squiggly has made a rumour out of established known things - like that pic.

    The rest? I'm thinking we'll get plastic Treekin. Have a look at the pic of Alarielle, left hand side.

    You've got a Treelf (and that they shall remain named until we know betters!) then some kind of Dryad....except the Dryad is behind them, and taller. But not so far behind them it looks to be a Treelord.....So too tall to be a Dryad. Too smol to be a Treelord. And I think it's armed. Only thing I can think of is Treekin....and boy do they need an update.

    Enbiggened Cavalry? Your guess is as good as mine. (though I'd love to see Centauroid Trees!)

    I'd also expect to see another couple of characters for them, as all the new stuff has three or four character types.
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    This is the one I've been waiting for!
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    Looks like they are going to be more of the wood elf variety. I'm looking forward to expanding my dark elves, be whatever incarnation they have turned into.

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    A clue to what "Dark" Elves... er, Aelves... will look like are the two in Warhammer Quest, both of whom seem to come from the Realm of Shadow (so they're Malerion's lot).
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    more mystical Shadow elves sounds cool to me.
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