Hi all,

Exactly as the subject says. She started fooling around and going home with a guy she met on her "girls' nights out" with coworkers that started a couple months ago.

She's been leaving me at home with the kids now two or three nights a week to go out with these guys, and I'm now living in one of the kids bedrooms. I need to sell EVERYTHING to come up with lawyer money.
I'm shooting for custody of our three kids. Beyond that, I will take what I can get.

Here is the ebay link.


Please book mark that link or this post and check back. I will be posting new items DAILY! If you post that your from this board in the notes, I will include other stuff too. Most items will be going auction style, as I will take what I can get now here too.

GIJoe, Tons of Sci Fi models, LEGOs, gaming miniatures, specifically lots of Warhammer and 40K, board games and tons more.

Thanks for looking and I hope you can find something you've been waiting for in my collection.

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John M>