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    Default My first try at painting models!

    Hey y'all! I found a store that sells commons for a dollar, so I figured I'd try to learn how to paint on these inexpensive models. Let me know what you think!
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    Not bad at all for a first try

    Apologies if this sounds at all condescending, but whilst you've gone for a basic paintjob, your application is neat and tidy, and the colours don't clash.

    Next step is to try out some washes - you won't believe the difference they make!
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    Thanks! ill give that a try next! How do you choose a wash color and where do you apply it?

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    I favour doing a basecoat like you've done here, then applying a mid-brown wash to the whole model. That helps to bring all the colours together.

    Then as needs be, a colour for colour wash, so green on green, red on red to bring out the main colour etc.

    Best to get hold of specific wash paints though. GW's are superb, but I've heard good things about Vallejo
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    Brown or black washes are your standard ones to apply all over a basecoated model. Brown works best for models with earthy colours like browns and greens, for models that you want to look a little dirty like many basic troops, or any model with mostly warm colours like reds and golds. Black washes work best for models with lots of cool colours like blues and purples and silvers. A neat basecoat and a wash and your models are at tabletop standard and will look good together.

    Oh, and just letting you know that the mods may move your thread down into the painting section, so if you can't find it later check there.
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    Oh awesome! I didn't know there was a painting section. I'll have to go check that out!

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    That's your first time? Thats really good for your first go! Mine was a total mess haha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Mystery View Post
    Next step is to try out some washes - you won't believe the difference they make!
    Yes! I was just about to say, "Throw some Nuln Oil on that rat and he's done!"

    Not kidding. I've painted a bunch of Skaven like that, and they look perfect. Base color, Nuln Oil applied liberally, and even the bits left outside the cracks just add to the general grungy, dirty feeling.

    The local GW manager (who's since moved on to being some bigwig in the retail office in Dallas) also introduce me to the magic of Agrax Earthshade, which can shade darned near anything if applied properly.
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    So I moved on from Walmart acrylics and bought the starter paint set... Super disappointed with how much paint comes in each little cup! I'm shocked!! I read the box again though and I guess 3ml is right for what I got, but definitely feel a little ripped off still. The paint goes a long way, but not THAT long...
    Anyway I painted this guy then took your advice and used the Agrax Earthshade all over him. I could have been a little more deliberate and less liberal with the shade color,Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	19148 but lesson learned for next time.

    - - - Updated - - -

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    Here's the front

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    Great progress and way beyond my first foray into painting! If you paint a lot you'll eventually develop a formula for everything and every color. The basics that you are starting to get down are:

    * Primer
    * Block paint colors
    * Wash
    * Clean up colors (if needed)
    * Highlight to taste

    keep up the great work!
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