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    Citadel's Fine Detail Brush might be their cheapest, but it's also largely useless unless you're really really really good, and doing something really really really clever.

    In defence of GW's current brushes, I'm finding them vastly superior to their previous range.

    I've used this one to paint the majority of my Imperial Knight models, and frankly it's been a god send. It's a semi-chisel tip, with shorter, thicker bristles than I'm used to. This means they don't flex as much. So for simple paint jobs such as those I favour, I find I get far better control, especially when edging (I'm still the sort to paint the perimeter of where the colour is going, then fill in the space). Plus, it's resilient tip (oooer, sounds a bit rude!) means I can do line highlighting nice and neatly, because it just doesn't splay as softer brushes are wont to do.

    And when it comes to brushes, it's all about value, not price. Cheap brushes are typically really rubbish, unless you've got lucky with finding a supplier. The joy of Citadel Brushes is that you know they're up to the job at hand!
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    GW bushes have varied greatly over the years from sable to nasty synthetics. The existing range are pretty good to be honest (but can be a little inconsistent). I prefer the Windsor for standard brushes but no one does the other brushes like GW, I find the dry and wash brushes really useful. Size wise I've not even taken my 00 and 000 out of the packet and I only used the 0 for eyes (and tend not to bother that often)
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