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It's quite clear that some of the Fallen are now Chaos worshippers, but considering how drastically the Imperium has changed it would be child's play to whisper in their ears and convince them to overthrow the new Imperium, and maybe Horus did have the right idea after all if this is what he knew was going to happen... And as the Thousand Sons demonstrate, Chaos starts looking much more appealing once you're backed into a corner with no way out except through the Dark Gods. (And I recall it being canonical that some Fallen didn't turn Chaos and have been found trying to improve whatever little corner of humanity they ended up dropped into?)
So, and I'm showing my age here, WAAAAAAAAAAY back when, (maybe early 90's), when GW allowed authors some free reign on what they wrote as long as the basics were upheld: there was a short story of a DA Captain who, during the Crusade, had fought a battle on a demon-world moon, that the gravity was so low he actually got blown off the surface in to space. He put himself into sus-an, and floated through frikkin space until the last ergs of energy died in his suit............ I cannot recall how he got found, or if he survived reentry or something, but basically he was reunited with the DA, and immediately censured as one of the Fallen. the Captain was never turned by Chaos, and was still loyal in his own mind. it was a cool read, wish I could relate the story better.