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    Default So how does Brexit effect GW/Forge World?

    Does everything suddenly become cheaper with the pound in freefall? Will they move to another country?

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    I doubt they'll move - that's a very expensive proposition.

    However....we may see them open a factory on mainland Europe and elsewhere. Short term expense, but long term means they can dodge import/export tariffs.

    But ultimately, nobody knows. We're *likely* leaving Europe, but Parliament still has to vote. Even then, we'll likely remain part of the Single Market, so damage limitation there.
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    It means people abroad will be able to buy it cheaper, volume sales might actually make them more in the long run. A strong pound has actually been having a negative effect on the GW bottom line.
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    There is that - it all depends on where they source their plastic from really, as it's definitely going to put import costs up, which will combine with the weak pound.

    It mostly affects FW for international, and they only sell in GBP, so the amount you pay is determined by currency fluctuations. Regular stuff instead has a set price.
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    I'd assume their plastic comes from the far east so probably won't affect their import cost?

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    Yes and no - depends on the trade deals etc negotiated as part of the EU - if indeed there are any.
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