Pact of the Genetor: an alliance of convenience between a Magos Biologis who specializes in genetic manipulation and the vicious Flesh Tearers, doomed to extinction as a chapter by their genetic rage. They agree to assist his quest for ancient technologies in the hope that he can quiet the Red Thirst.

1850 points (Battle Forged)

Primary Detachment: Skitarii Maniple (350pts)

(Troops) Skitarii Vanguard (9 Skitarii Vanguard, 7XRadium Carbine, 2xPlasma Caliver, Omnispex) (170)
+Vanguard Alpha(Warlord) (Radium Carbine)

(Troops) Skitarii Rangers (4 Skitarii Rangers, 3XGalvanic Rifle, 1XTransuranic Arquebus) (90)
+Ranger Alpha (Galvanic Rifle)

(Troops) Skitarii Rangers (4 Skitarii Rangers, 3XGalvanic Rifle, 1XTransuranic Arquebus) (90)
+Ranger Alpha (Galvanic Rifle)

Adeptus Mechanicus Formation: Elimination Maniple (650 pts)

(Heavy Support) Kastelan Robot Maniple (2XKastelan Robots, 2XTwin-linked Heavy Phosphor Blaster, 2XCarapace-mounted Heavy Phosphor Blaster) (320)
+ Cybernetica Datasmith

(Troops) Kataphron Destroyers (3XKataphron Destroyers, 3XHeavy Grav-cannon, 3XPhosphor Blaster) (165)

(Troops) Kataphron Destroyers (3XKataphron Destroyers, 3XHeavy Grav-cannon, 3XPhosphor Blaster) (165)

Flesh Tearers Formation: Blood Rain Strike Force (850 pts)

(Elites) Flesh Tearers Death Co. Sqd. (5xDeath Company, 4XBolt Pistol, 1XBoltgun, 4XChainsword, 1XPower Fist) (140)

(Fast Attack) Flesh Tearers Assault Sqd. (4XAssault Troops w/Jump Pack, 4XChainsword, 2xBolt Pistol, 2XMeltagun) (120)
+Veteran Sgt.(Chainsword, Bolt Pistol, Combat Shield, Jump Pack)

(Hvy. Support) Stormraven Gunship (200)

(Elites) Flesh Tearers Vanguard Vet. Sqd. (9XVanguard Vets, 9XBolt Pistol, 5XChainsword, 2XPower Fist, 2XStorm Shield) (260)
+ Veteran Sgt. (Chainsword, Bolt Pistol)

(Elites) Furioso Dreadnought (Frag Cannon, Power Fist w/Heavy Flamer, Magna-grapple) (130)


Skitarii and Adeptus Mechanicus are deployed at game start.

Skitarii Vanguard advance and pepper the enemy with mid-range firepower (Plasma Calivers "Gets Hot" should be counteracted by the free "Preferred Enemy" rerolls conferred by Alpha Warlord) while the two smaller Ranger squads either snipe out characters and heavy weapons or try to pop enemy vehicles with the Arquebus. Each turn the Skitarii special rules will let me boost BS at the expense of WS or vice-versa - I don't see me ever boosting the WS as they're intended to shoot, not fight.

Mechanicus Elimination Maniple gets nice bonuses if the Kastelans manage to wound with their Phosphor Blasters - any Kataphron who fires at the same unit that the Kastelans wounded gets Ignore Cover and +1BS. They, too can choose BS-boosting special rules each turn.

The Flesh Tearers come in from reserve, hopefully on Turn 2 (3+ rerollable). The two jump pack units Deep Strike and get Fearless and Counterattack on the turn they arrive, while the combat-sqadded Vanguard Vets and Furioso get Rage for charging from the Stormraven on (hopefully) Turn 3. Furioso can "parachute" from the Stormraven Turn 2 without danger, thanks to his magna-grapple (always passes Dangerous Terrain tests).

It's got problems - I'm reliant on the Arquebuses and Heavy Grav-Cannon at the beginning of the game to pop vehicles, which may or may not work depending on what I'm up against. I've also got no way to deal with flyers except to dogfight them with the Stormraven, and it won't be available to do that until it drops off its precious cargo (Turn 4 at the earliest). I also have no dedicated assault troops on the board until Turn 2 at the earliest, so I have to be careful about getting rocked by Drop Pod armies or other Deep Striking armies. As for Wraithknights or Imperial Knight LoW's...well, let's pray I roll a lot of 6's with the Grav Cannons and can keep them alive.

On the other hand, it's shooty - and after the Flesh Tearers arrive, it's pretty fighty as well. Once the Flesh Tearers start rampaging around in the enemy backfield I hope any remaining vehicles will get melta'd or powerfist-punched pretty quickly. Most importantly, it looks like it'll be more fun to play than a standard static gunline or a drop pod force that Alpha-Strikes in but then gets bogged down on foot.