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    Quote Originally Posted by CoffeeGrunt View Post
    It's the new T-14, the T-90's successor.

    I've started selling mine off, sadly I just don't enjoy playing the game much. All my unbuilt and unpainted stuff has been getting moved to either being sold, traded, or painted for cold storage. I'm hoping GW pull their finger out and make the game more enjoyable some time.
    Am hoping they come out with an Idiot Edition for people like me that suck at learning complex rulebooks and such.
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    The T-14 is certainly interesting, I wonder if the technology is actually reliable enough to support the vehicle in combat. I guess only time will tell. The active defense systems especially look very impressive.
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    It's relying heavily on an automated weapon. I'd assume even Leopards and Abrams have some sort of way to manually bypass the autolaoder if necessary? This doesn't have crew in the same space.
    I suppose if you've cracked the reliability it shouldn't matter.

    However the process of robo-insemination is far too complex for the human mind!
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    It's definitely an interesting design, and if it works it'll be quite revolutionary. I might be slightly biased though, as it's a Railgun and a crane-turret away from being a UCM Sabre, and I love those tanks. :P
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    A combat effective tank mounted railgun will be interesting to see.

    However the process of robo-insemination is far too complex for the human mind!
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    I think we'll have to wait and see if the Naval version is combat-effective first. Railguns are cool, so the US Navy should keep it under the Rule of Cool Treaty even if it isn't effective.

    Saber tanks are awesome though. One-man piloting it, has assisted targeting, an auto-loader, the main gun is on a crane in order to fold down for transit, but it also allows it to peek over obstacles. In order to ensure the hull has a low profile the pilot lies down in it when piloting, which helps with transport to war theaters and saves resources when building. The pilot is in a hardened pod so that if the tank is destroyed they typically survive, and it runs on metallic hydrogen.

    It's like the perfect sci-fi tank design for a dystopian future where Mankind is on the back foot and having to sell each life dearly.
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    If you live in the UK and like tanks, I can strongly recommend The Muckleberg Collection. Spent nearly a day there, got hundreds of reference photos for painting/conversion work.

    Oh, and to address two points in the original post:

    1.) The best tank is the Bren Universal Carrier and
    2.) The Leman Russ and Baneblade are made of CONCENTRATED AWESOME and anyone who doesn't like them is entitled to their opinion, but remains, in the final, completely objective, entirely empirical and scientific analysis, wrong.

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    But if anything the Bren is a hilariously-underpowered Assault Gun! It's not a tank at all!:P
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    It was was the Chieftan tank that was the long range "sniper" it was introduced to take out the Soviet heavy tanks at range.

    HESH is better than HEAT on most things other then Spaced armour I think. It's capabilities against buildings give it excellent versatility as well. It down side is that it need a rifled gun and they are more expensive to manufacture and maintain.

    The T-14 looks good pretty good but it is Russian so expect it not to live up to its claimed performance, anyone remember the T-72 auto loader that used th load the crewmen by accident!!??

    The Challenger II is the nuts and quite likely the greatest tank ever made. The turret is machined out of a single block of titanium and then has the composite armour (the good stuff nut the stuff we've told everyone else how to make) fixed to it. It isn't the coolest tank though for really cool tanks you need to go for the late Great War/Interwar period, multiple turrets, sponsons, exposed tracks, landships, awesome stuff, totally inefficient and in some cases dangerous but soooooo damn cool (basically real life 40K tanks)

    Like this bad boy the Independent Heavy Tank A1E1
    Click image for larger version. 

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