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    Very nice work on the Cannoness conversion, she looks much less ridiculous. And the highlights on the Assassin are brilliantly placed.
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    @Morgrim: Ahh thank you! Yeah, I just had to fix the Canoness, it's such a nice sculpt other than the ridiculous pose/high heels.

    Anyway, I finally got around to properly photographing Ahriman! Ugh, I hate trying to photograph red decently, it's such a pain. Trying out a white background instead of black this time.

    As always, please let me know what you think!

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    Update time! I finished Geigor Fell-Hand and got him photographed pretty quickly for once, just in time for the launch of Inferno!

    Let me know what you think!

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    So, a bit more progress!

    I've been working on sculpting a new head for the legion herald, and apart from a bit of sanding to smooth out a rough spot or two, I think she's finally finished! For my first time really sculpting any faces and long hair, I'm pretty pleased with how things turned out.

    I also finished Ahriman's book:

    and started work on his helmet:

    ...but I got distracted halfway through highlighting the bone on his horns because I decided I wanted to try and make a brush holder. XD

    So here it is, my cheapo brush holder made from the spiral wire from an old spiral notebook, and leftover sprue!

    It's not the prettiest thing, and time will tell how sturdy it actually is, but so far it gets the job done.

    Here's a bit of a closer look at where I drilled through the corners of the support sprue and threaded the wire through to help hold it in place:

    As always, let me know what you think!

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    Hi all! After painting my 30k Ahriman, I had several people asking how I painted his galaxy cloak. I finally got around to doing a tutorial on the general method with my 40k Ahriman (although I think I went a little overboard on the density of stars with this guy, oops). Anyway, here we go:

    1. Black base! Although any kind of really dark colour would probably work.

    2. Dapple on your first dark colour (in this case red), in the general area/pattern you want your galaxy effect in. For this one, I decided to try a spiral galaxy effect rather than a more random nebulae like I used on my 30k Ahriman. Make sure your paintís fairly thin, and you can let it pool in certain areas to get some variation in coverage. It helps to have reference pictures!

    3. Continue with whatever other dark colours you want to use - for this example, I went with pretty much the full spectrum just to demonstrate the different colours and transitions between them.

    4. Once those are dry, start dappling thin layers of brighter colours a little more sparsely over the previous colours. You also donít have to stay entirely on the previous layer, itís okay to go over onto the black areas as well. In this particular photo, Iíve only done some red/orange and some green so far.

    5. Continue dappling those brighter colours on! Here Iíve continued with teal, purple, more red, and blue. Make sure your paintís thin enough that itís still a little translucent - you can also push it around a bit to leave it thinner in some areas and more concentrated in others.

    6. Keep building up thin layers of brighter colours over the previous layers. In this pic Iíve moved on to orange and yellow over the previous red areas.

    7. I kind of skipped ahead a little here and continued on right up to white in just the central area of the spiral.

    8. Once youíre up to the brightest colours, just start dotting it on in individual spots, rather than dapples like before. Here Iíve done the green, teal and blue. Make sure to rest your hand often if it start cramping up!

    9. Here Iíve continued on with the violet, red, orange and yellow dots.

    10. Finally, carefully dot on white paint for the brightest stars, including a few larger ones with added little shine lines. Try not to go too overboard with them though (like I did here, oops) - leave some areas with not as many stars.

    If youíve only used two or three colours (instead of a whole spectrum like I did here), you can also use a wash over the whole thing to help tie the different areas of colour together, then go over it with some more white dots again. I did this on my 30k Ahriman with a blue wash, since all the colours I used in that one had blue in them. You can also go back with the black to add in some more random patches with less stars to help break things up a little.

    Anyway, thatís pretty much it! It does take a while (I think I spent about five hours overall on this, though it wouldíve gone a lot faster if I wasnít using so many different colours and also not stopping regularly to take photos). I hope it helps, and please let me know if you have any questions! :D

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    I finally finished painting the new Ahriman model!

    I spent way too long on this one, ugh. Let me know what you think!

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    Sorry for the lack of posts lately, life's been pretty hectic. But here I am again - not with a Thousand Son this time, alas, but hopefully Canoness Veridyan is awesome enough to make up for it. :D I couldn't stand her painful foot-binding-like high heeled boots, so I did some careful amputation and re-sculpting, and also adjusted her right leg at the hip to something a little more comfortable looking. I also experimented with a new method of painting NMM gold, and I'm pretty pleased with the results.

    For the rest of her pics, check her out here!

    Let me know what you think! :D

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    Here's some of the models I'll be working on painting next - all of them for my 30k Thousand Sons army, of course.

    Hopefully next time I post I'll have a bit more painting progress to show! As always, let me know what you think

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    I'm finally back again with another completed Thousand Son - this time it's a converted Collector's Edition space marine terminator captain, with a custom-made khopesh and book, both made from plasticard. I'm pretty pleased with how the freehand on his pauldrons and cloak came out!

    More pics of Nadim here.

    Let me know what you think!

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    Oh cripes, it's been a while since my last post, apologies! Life got a little hectic, especially after I tore a bunch of ligaments and majorly bruised the bones in my ankle back in July. x_x Fortunately I didn't need hospitalisation or surgery, and it's recovering pretty well, but I'm still looking at another three more months until I can even think about getting back to sports, blargh.

    I've also been busy lately with doing commission painting - if you're interested, please check out my Facebook page! I'll keep this thread for showing my own WiP stuff though, unless enough people request otherwise! XD

    Also! I recently got myself a pretty decent webcam, and I've been playing around with some painting vids and such. I don't have much yet - painting around the camera is a pain in the *** and I'm still getting used to it, and I also need to get some better lighting. I do intend on eventually doing some tutorial videos though! Here's my Youtube channel - let me know if there's any specific stuff you'd like to see me cover!

    Now onto actual WiP stuff! XD Unfortunately because of commission work, I haven't had much time to work on my own stuff, but here's my progress since last post:

    My converted chaplain from the BaC box! He's almost finished, I just need to do some freehand on his cloak. The glaive blade could be better but I ran out of craps to give. XD

    I'm also experimenting with how I want to paint the new Rubricae! This is the only one I've done anything with so far though - the blue is done pretty much entirely with drybrushing, so it's pretty quick and easy!

    I haven't done much with the gold or anything else yet, but let me know what you think so far!


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