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    Default Bias Age of Sigmar Review!

    Hey guys, I've made a very bias but detailed Age of Sigmar Review which should help to encourage new players! If you have any mates who are on the fence about playing, send them this and it might tip them over

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    Thanks for that, nice review and very clearly explains (even more so than the four page PDF) what the game is about. I started with 1st Edition WFB and Rogue Trader in the mid '80's until '91 and then after college got back into them both again up until maybe '97. Its been pretty much 20 years since I painted a miniature or played a game but I can thank Raging Heroes Kickstarter 2 for getting me back into miniature collecting and painting. I have been thinking about getting into some gaming again and honestly, the main Games Workshop site is not at all intuitive about what the state of their games are like or what is going on.

    I was super confused by the whole thing, what happened to WFB? You cleared that up (cant say I love it but the game seems that it would go fast - we had huge battles that literally lasted WEEKS in WFB - playing at least four hours a day or more too).

    I have to say I am still really confused on the War Scrolls vs. Battle Tomes, vs. no points for anything in all the free PDF's I downloaded. I still have Dark Elf, Chaos, High Elf/Wood Elf armies and a bunch of Lizardmen, Undead, and even some Britonians laying around. I have no idea how to field or make an army in this new edition.

    I just read through the PDF for Dark Elves (cannot see a Battle Tome for them online) and I see most of my units still exist in some form (and then there is the substitution thing at the end). Is there a better list in the General's Handbook or whatever? I don't understand why Sorceresses have only 1 spell and it is dependent on what they are riding but I guess it keeps Magick from breaking the game. Does GW still enforce GW mini's at their stores? They used to back in the day. I am making an all new Void Elf/Lust Elf force and a Sisters of Suffering or whatever from TGG-KS2 and I want to play with them at some point but if GW stores say no I might as well find a different store or a different game to try.



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