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    Default Warhammer 40,000 Quest?

    How do?

    So I'm still all over excited at the long overdue return of Warhammer Quest, even if it's still missing the full on Roleplay experience (you know the one. You walk into a dungeon, chin, hoof, knack and bray three Bloodthirsters, nab all the loot, then get horribly murderified down a dark alley by some oik once you hit town).

    And it's got me to thinking - has anyone ever come across a decent 40k adaptation?

    I don't mean 'Space Hulk with XP' stuff, I'm meaning 'me and my three mates, for reasons best known to ourselves, are off to raid this derelict/dead world/archaeotech horde'.

    See, I've got Calth. And I've got Deathwatch. And I've got Spacehulk.....which means I've got a load of dungeonesque tiles at my disposal - and I feel they're going to waste just being for those three games (ooh, need to pick up the Assassin one as well, why not!)

    So yeah. If anyone can point me in the right direction, before I give in and have to track down the old Quest books to come up with my own adaptation
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    Couldn't you theoretically run a game from the 40K RPG line like the Deathwatch game and just homebrew the rules so that you use a gameboard when doing dungeon-crawling/combat?

    I guess it depends on the style of game you are going for, more traditional roleplaying or "Quest" roleplaying which is kind of like a RPG-Board Game mix.

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    I do well, how do you?

    Inq28 seems to be rather popular and opens up some exciting modeling opportunities.
    Also Deathwatch 1st ed rpg was fun, but space marines are OP.
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    I enjoyed the old Space Crusade game quite a bit. Didn't have much role playing beyond your squad leader getting promotions but it was a hell of a lot of fun. Plus the Chaos Dreadnought models were great!



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