We face the final 48 hours of this KS campaign at full strength! Yesterday we unlocked the mongrelmorphs, a €21000 stretch goal which gives these two weird mongrels as an add-on for €4 for all backers with access to unlockable extras.

But we are also really close to unlock the next one, at €23000, which will give you a pack of 6 Objective Markers in high-quality resin, made by our friend company Valquiria Studio.

And then, at the €25000 mark, the Momma Nutritora, a special character for the Black Blood Children band second only to the Flamekeeper.

But there are still plenty of extras to unlock ahead of us. Help us achieve them all in these last two days. Join the Punkapocalyptic KS and support the punkiest end of the World you could imagine! For just €66 you can get the whole Black Blood Children band (8 miniatures) and more than €60 in free unlocked extras. And those still to come.