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    Default Wave X - When True Do-nothing

    op When

    op Do-nothing

    A Rebels-spoiler joins the Rebels:

    The First Order gets some reinforcements, still no explaination why no member of the First Order is 30+:

    And being blown up in a throw-away, misdirection scene in TFA now warrants an expansion, hurray for Scum:

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    "A Rebels-spoiler"

    Not really a spoiler since it's from an episode a while back. Maybe even first season? Hard to remember, but it's been a while. They stole a TIE, Sabine repainted it partially, it got wrecked, end of its story arc. I don't think it even lasted past the one episode.

    "still no explaination why no member of the First Order is 30+"

    The actress who plays Phasma is late 30s, Hux early 30s. Then there's the guys behind Hux. But as for the majority being relatively young... Soldiers normally are anyway, but especially when you're trying to snatch kids away and train them in secret. And it feels like the First Order is generally a bunch of people who weren't around for the Empire but think it was a neat idea that just didn't go far enough and now want to do it "better." Most of the older people in the galaxy would be sick of fighting and remember that the Empire wasn't all it was cracked up to be.
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    Looks like the new Rouge One ships will be in this wave, gonna feel this wave in the wallet...



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