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    Yeah, the battle system is...interesting, but I like the non-lethal ways of winning battles, they tend to be fairly creative.
    For me it has to be the zelda style battle system or not at all. I'm just too impatient I guess so I could never get past those sort of battle systems, especially the turn based stuff. Shame really cos I do think a lot of those rpgs are amazing games with great stories.
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    I love me some turn based combat. Either with old school JRPGs (final fantasy 1-10?) or current games like Mordheim. I find it scratches a totally different itch than the action/mmo games I otherwise play.

    I've been getting the remake of the old final fantasy games on iOS. Really enjoyed the limited time I've actually gotten to play.

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    My current frustration, this player makes it look so easy though :
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    I've gotten more nostalgic with games lately thanks to stumbling on a channel that feeds my nostalgia, "Lazy Game Reviews":

    The guy does a lot of classic game reviews, and has old rigs to play the games, even. It's fun to remember them. He's got a crazy library of games, and seeing the boxes lined up on shelves makes me remember a time when instead of opening up Steam, I'd go to the local mall and check out the shelves and browse these nice beefy boxes, and open up new games to see all kinds of cool stuff inside.

    He also does some other fun stuff, like thrift shop videos where he digs through local shops for classic games or other goodies. Did a video on building a 486 computer recently. And some crazy fun stuff like using a black and white TV to play a computer game with converters to go from HDMI to the TV (appropriately enough, he was playing Fallout 4, which looks "right" on such a TV... other than the corners cutting off parts of the UI and all).

    I've been hitting up GOG more lately, and longing for shops around me that people would drop off old gems of computer games in.
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