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    Default Deathwatch Kill Teams and transports

    Deathwatch Kill Teams (KT) are somewhat odd in that they are Formations made up of one or more units but then counts as a single unit for the rest of the game. Every Kill Team requires at least one unit of Veterans and these Veterans can take a Dedicated Transport (DT).

    Can they take a DT and still form part of a KT with other unit types if those units can't fit into it, like Terminators or Bikes with a Rhino? I'm thinking not because one of the DTs is a Drop Pod and I have no idea how that would work, and also I can't figure out how assaults would work if the Veterans were still embarked when the rest of the team was assaulted. But I didn't see anything specifically saying you can't.

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    This only aplies to the Corvus Blackstar it also is a dedicated transport, which can transport terminators and bikes.



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