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    Default Age Of Sigmar Philippines 2016

    Daemons of Chaos have taken a foothold of NG ATC, while forces of Khorne Bloodbound struggled to dominate NG Megamall! But hope is not lost. The elites of the Stormcast Eternals managed to control NG Glorietta, right at the heart of conflict! Rumblings from all sides can be heard as denizens of the Grand Alliances of Death and Destruction poised to meet their foes on the field.

    Might Is Right!
    Temet nosce

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    The Grand Alliance of Order makes its mark on Charlie Does Manila!

    #AgeOfSigmar #AgeOfSigmarPhilippines2016 #GamesWorkshop #CharlieDoesManila #HighAelves #Skaven
    Temet nosce

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    Sunny Yu's Sylvaneth vs Jason Obal's Daemons of Chaos
    Temet nosce



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