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    Default The all new Monthly White Dwarf.

    Just plopped onto my door mat

    Pretty hefty page wise, certainly about as thick as Warhammer Visions.

    But sod that. Here's the contents.

    Planet Warhammer (pp4 - pp12); all the news on the latest GW goings on

    In Stores Now (pp13 - pp 21); pretty much as it says on the tin

    Contact (pp22 - pp23); it's your letters, it's your letters (that might mean something to Brits of a certain age)

    'Eavy Metal (pp24 - pp25); is what it's always been!

    A Tale of Four Warlords (pp26 - pp31); classic article in the same old format.

    Hall of Fame (pp32 - pp33); it's Nagash this time around

    Army of the Month (pp34 - pp43); massive Biel-Tan army, with the gatefold pages

    Boxed Game Bonanaza (pp44 - pp70); poo load of new rules. Team Excis for Deathwatch Overkill, Power Down for Space Hulk(!), Venerable Justarius for Calth and new scenarios, Terminators in Lost Patrol, Daemonic Incursion for Execution Force with new achievements, Cover Model rules for Silver Tower and Gorechosen, along with Skarr Bloodwrath and Valkia for Gorechosen, Grombrindal in Silver Tower and AoS, Deathwatch in Stormclous Attack. Quite some good stuff there, and especially pleasing to see Space Hulk getting some love.

    Golden Demon (pp70 - p75)

    Illuminations (pp76 - pp81); some artwork for Deathwatch

    Battle Report (pp82 - pp97)

    The Ultimate Guide (pp98 - pp105); this month, all you need to know about Imperial Knights

    Temporal Distort (pp106 - pp107); a flashback to 1996

    Battleground (pp108 - pp113); exploring Warhammer World's AoS board

    Blanchitsu (pp114 - pp117); exploring Mr Blanche's art

    Parade Ground: Kill Teams (pp118 - pp123)

    Sprues and Glue (pp124 - pp127); modelling guides

    Paint Splatter (pp128 - pp132); painting guides for the Slaughterpriest and Grombrindal

    Subscriptions (pp133)

    Designers Notes (pp134 - pp141); all about Deathwatch

    Readers Models (pp142 - pp147)

    In The Bunker (pp148) what the WD team have been up to.

    Right, now to go and read it!
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    Doesn't really sound like there is any backround stuff in it?
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    It's mostly hobby stuff, but the new rules for Calth do mention an alternate timeline, but I've not read that yet.
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    I actually really enjoyed giving it a read. Picked me up a copy in the uk last weekend.

    Certainly took me back to the old days.

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    The subscriber version took this long to come? I was told it was mostly sold out two weeks ago, but managed to get a copy last week as my local had been shut for staff sickness.

    oops nevermind I just missed the thread for ages

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    I too liked it quite a bit.

    I think I'll test it for the reminder of the year and then decide about a subscription.

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    The new WD setup is enough to get me to subscribe. That is, if I ever remember. But yeah, it's good. It feels like WD should, and it's a reasonable price for the content.
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