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    Bols forum poster??? Oh you mean me.

    You've also slightly misquoted it was "think Dredd and the Hunger Games rather than Judge Dredd and Starship troopers".

    I was referring to the Hollywood tendency to alter things turning satire into parody and losing what made the original story compelling.
    Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit
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    Actual TL;DR= I was bored and jotted down some random things in my mind while being sure to be as much of an...intellectual as I can. Also, I kissed feminist butt to be sure I come across as morally superior.

    And look! Its the same few members commenting as per usual. Too bad you can't keep new members, then you could have an actual conversation instead of walking on eggshells trying not to offend one another. Unfortunately you all seem to think this is your safe space on the big bad interwebz and thus, you chase away the new people that might have something to add.

    Glad York ignores Gotts trolling like the rest of us LOL.

    As for the actual...article/ramble...I can't believe you would ever think you could accurately call anything Feminist....too funny...yer practivcally inviting them to audit your articles, as she did.

    Please, continue on as you were, I was bored and had to kill time so I thought I would drop in and see if anything whatsoever has changed.... Nothins changed, its still the same people over n over but remember, YOU are the real...whats Vela call it...oh right...alumni...too bad there won't be anymore.

    Ill give you your safe spot back again

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    To be fair to BoLS and playing the Devil's Advocate here, I haven't seen a forum that isn't in decline.
    Read the above in a Tachikoma voice.

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    Whenever Alaric posts I think of this sort of thing.

    Like using barely understood buzz-words like safe space in a totally incorrect way, tells us how bored he is and how it's funny (why is it always funny?), how he doesn't care but lurks like 24/7 given he can pop in at a moments notice when he "just happened" to check out the thread, his weird & creepy obsession with me, illogical reasoning in barely coherent strings of words I'd struggle to call even a semblance of an argument. But as he says - LOL

    Also I'll let Yorky explain when he didn't respond here to what I wrote - the answer may surprise you

    I'd write more, but due to both chasing everyone away whilst being careful not to offend them I'm worn out - it's hard work being reduced to an illogical strawman based on a bigot's deluded fantasies!

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    One quibble York, in "First Blood" John Rambo actually never kills anyone intentionally, though he does kill a couple of dogs. The deputy was an accident and if he hadn't been standing on the skids trying to shoot Rambo he would have been fine. Rambo only threw a rock at the helicopter, the deputy fell off when the pilot flinched.

    Anyways, one thing I've noticed over the years is that GW sculptors seem to only want to make female models that are "heroically proportioned" and/or in pseudo bondage fantasy gear. Sisters with their Power Corsets, the one Last Chancer in her Battle Skirt, Wytches in their Battle Bikinis, the Death Cult Assassins to name a few. I understand wanting to make them obviously female but damn. Female soldiers in modern armies are equipped the same as their male counterparts but you can still tell they're female.

    Victoria Miniatures make some great female models wearing sensible combat gear. Why is it so hard for GW to make a couple of female Astra Militarum that haven't thrown away their Flak Armor and cut off their uniforms to be combat sexy?

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    Disagree about Rambo and Aliens 'there are really 2 key inspirations for AM'...

    Rambo - elite super soldier.

    USCM - small self contained units of light infantry.

    The USCM is doctrinally very USMC in space. Which is actually closer to Astartes - hence the whole 'Space Marine' idea - you turn up on a ship with everything you need, ahead of the 'conventional' follow up forces.

    Yes Rambo and Aliens influence aspects of IG canon - certain units and characters (obviously) but 'key' inspiration? The guard is all about the common man fighting the insane horrors of the universe, and mostly being fed into a meat grinder.

    I would therefore expect the key influence to be designers thinking 'remember all those WWI/WWII games we played as a kid? How cool would it be to have panzer grenadiers attacked by aliens?'


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