Seriously there may be spoilers.

Just on the off chances there's still anyone about who wants to talk background.

Just finished and what a read Mr French has definitely placed himself as an important addition to the HH team.

The Alpha Legion are as duplicitous as always and provide an excellent and intelligent threat to the Imperium. I found it nice that both they and the Fists give each other a damn good fight rather than one side just getting steamrolled as we've seen in some of the other novels.

The Fists themselves much more nuanced than I'd previously thought and it's good to see them from their own perspective in a full novel. Dorn himself comes off rather well which I found important as he has very much only been a bit part player so far. He comes off cry much as Terry Pratchett "good man" ideal in Men at Arms in that he's very much willing to do what needs to be done with out fanfare or pomp

Of course the almighty twist that comes at the end seals it well (I'm not going to write the details because much like the Red Wedding it shouldn't be spoiled) and has some interesting implications for how we perceive the history of 40K.

The first battles for the Solar System don't disappoint and things are building well for the Seige of Terra