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    I'm really quite tempted by a Genestealer Cult.

    Had one waaaaaay back when as my first army. Couldn't win for toffee like, but still got a soft spot for it.
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    Genestealer Cults are pretty awesome. Why normally I'd hate humanoid xenos, the genestealer cult are an exception due to them being human-hybrids, so in this case for me It's acceptable as it actually makes sense. They kind of remind me of HP lovecraft's denizens of Innsmouth, but taken into a science fantasy setting except it's genestealers instead of fish people. Chaos havent really delivered on the "uber creepy cultists" angle either, and I think it's a bit more sinister with the genestealer angle anyway.

    Also this will be the first new xenos army since Tau. Damn that's a f**king long time, so it's exciting on that alone for me.

    (They should do enslavers next though. period.)
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    I fully embrace the return of more 'plebby' foes for the Imperium.

    Eldar, Chaos, Orks and Nids are a widespread problem, sure enough. But it's stuff like Genestealer Infestation and Chaos Cults which constantly thwart attempts to put the Imperium's wider house in order. Every insurrection that properly kicks off diverts resources away from more important fronts.

    Hell, I'd like to see a Tau Cult - think secret transmissions and stuff...
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    It will be interesting to see how they connect the cult to the hive fleets. Don't get me wrong, I want the cult to be stand alone on its own merits and play without a nid crutch. But are they advanced recce for the hive fleet? How does the genestealer 'deity' work? Will there be chaos genestealer cults?

    Purestrain-1st-2nd-3rd-4th hybrid followed by purestrain - but what benefit is there to this for the hive fleet, if a fully compliant stealer cult planet is then stripped of all life and resource - or does a few stealers get popped in the last ship off the planet, which becomes a hulk with the cycle starting again?

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    Already covered in the background

    Once the Cult achieves the right size, the Patriarch acts as a Beacon to a passing Hive Fleet (can't remember if Hive Fleet proximity can also trigger an uprising?) all hell breaks loose.

    The Hive Fleet effectively arrives in orbit to a world ready packaged for consumption, or at least one severely weakened should the Cult have been defeated.

    And yeah. A few Purestrains will always escape, often in the earliest days of the uprising, sometimes even just before, to spread the Cults ever further.
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    I like the new GW...
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    I award whichever GW Web Troll (not to be confused with the common internet troll) Twelfty Internets!
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    Pretty cool trailer, I've always liked the fluff of the Genie Cults. I like the "moving comic" style GW went with on this one as well. Looks like some sort of Arbites transport in the pic, and baby Genestealers. Lends faith to the idea that we'll see more than a repacking of Overkill in this release.

    A proper utility vehicle would be fantastic fodder for conversion across so many factions. I hope GW's given it some thought.
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    I like the comic style too. It was a decent teaser. Armoured car looks very promising...
    There is also a hybrid holding a banner at one point (1.17 I think), although the silhouettes of the cult leaders at the end are the same as the existing models. So I reckon the characters will be repackaged from Overkill, but there will be new kits for the hybrids.
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