Howdy Travelers,

We are happy to announce that our crowdfunding campaign for "It's TIME" is live now. "It's TIME" is a point & click adventure game filled with unique puzzles with cool isometric low poly art style. As you will be playing the role of the lead operative in a shadowy government organization, youíll be travelling back in time completing different missions and objectives. Every mission is unique, and you could be doing anything from analyzing an event, to actually messing around with them and changing the past! Check the campaign page for more info about the game.


Yellow Star Games: We are a bunch of Indie geeks who always wanted to explore and create something new. It's been a great experience for us working on this project so far and we would love to continue to bring this out for your guys because It's time to make this a reality. It can only be possible with all your support! We hope you all like "It's TIME"!


Thank you & have a great day
Team "Yellow Star Games"