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    Default KHAAAAAAAAARN...cough..cough.. gets me every time.

    Long time lurker first time poster.

    Hi, My names' Kharn and I'm a psychopath...

    Not really, I thought I had an account, turns out I didn't and I nearly locked myself out of my imaginary account before I decided to start up this one.

    Been playing 40k for... erm... 22years *cough cough* there is that bad throat again... and fantasy ranky stuff from 3rd till 8th when it died. I play all kinds of other stuff too but most recently AoS. well, I say play... I have the free model and aims of getting more.

    So go easy on me. I'm old..ish

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    Hello and welcome aboard.
    Fan of Fuggles | Derailment of the Wolfpack of Horsemen | In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni

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    However the process of robo-insemination is far too complex for the human mind!
    A knee high fence, my one weakness

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