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So while I may have been obsessed with playing Kingdom Death recently, I got through from Scale 75 my pledge reward for Fallen Frontiers. Fallen Frontiers is a scifi game, with some of the typical tropes you would expect. It's a time of interstellar turmoil, as Humanity is led by megacorps into war with a alien race, not unlike our own, but more brutish, alien created super humans clad in power armour, and a race of strange cybernetic horrors.

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Fallen Frontiers stands out a bit as the models are true scale, meaning no stupidly sized body parts, and are made to 35mm scale, make them stand a good head above GW figures, and makes them equivalent in size to Kingdom Death. Overall I am more than impressed with the designs and sculpts. The models are not too busy, and so there is room to paint the surfaces with a sense of shading and lighting, rather than just edge highlights. The models being resin are very crisp, and light, and they don't feel too brittle. Also there is a noticeable difference in height between the humans, and the superhumans and the aliens.

In the core box that everyone else will be buying, you get 10 Ares soldiers, a Ares command model, a Ares heavy weapon model, and two heroes. The Riff get 10 troopers, 5 assault troopers, a commander for each type of troop, a heavy weapons model, and two heroes. Add in some dice, counters, some terrain, and the rules, and for 75 Euro that is not a bad deal. Especially as that is two 300 pt armies. A typical sized army is meant to be 600 pts.

So the rules.

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