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    LAST 2 HOURS for :Early bird 48hours.
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    To help the campaign we have 100 new Early Birds in each Pledge. Beware itŽs last one!

    In the other hand, we have added 2 new add-on, the Metal dice exclusive Kickstarter.​​​​​​​

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Happy 2017 year!
    All Iron and Nuke pledges will add one 60 mm high Mech miniature "The Lumberjack"
    Kickstarter Exclusive

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    If the campaign gets 200 backers all Iron and Nuke pledges will add two Nuke drums!
    Nuke drums are the most destructive, when they explote the enemies inside the square gets 2 damages and 1 damage to those who are inside 1 square around.

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    Dear friends!

    Many of you have asked us to improve the detail of the Iron mechs. So, we want to give you the option of brutal miniatures, that are compatible with the new game dynamics, as an Add-on.

    These new Iron mechs miniatures will have amazing details and these will be made of PVC. They wonŽt have the versatility to be able to exchange weapons and arms during the game, but weŽ ll change the Iron sheet to choose weapons and weŽll add tokens to mark when we lose an arm or a weapon is destroyed.

    This means making a new mold for all parts of the Iron mech, but this is worth it to get an incredible game!

    But if do I prefer the old Iron with interchangeable weapons and arms during the game? No problem, just do anything, this is a complementary purchase.

    What the add-on includes: 12 Iron Mechs of maximum detail 60mm high, 4 x heavy machine gun, 4 x Zim cannons, 4 x light machine guns, 4 x beams and 4 x shields and 4 diferent arms and tokens to mark the damages.

    Remember that the miniatures come unpainted and unassembled.

    How can I include it? Add $25 to your reward and at the end of the campaign you can select it in the pledge manager.

    For the expansion of 6 players with the Iron mechs of maximum detail and everything necessary to expand to 6 players, it will be $39.

    Here I show you the renders of the new Iron. Pilot and mech are working in progress.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Dear friends.
    WeŽre very close to fund and we need your help!
    Please, share with all your friends. Thanks!

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    I am happy to show you new amazing Iron mechs miniatures 60mm higher
    Last early birds, Now on Kickstarter!

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    We have to announce the cancellation of this Kickstarter campaign.

    This is not the end of Iron League:Black Stadium, weŽll come back soon. WeŽve made some mistakes on the campaign and weŽd like to incorporate improves and your feedbacks in the game.

    Please, any comment or feedback is welcome.

    WeŽll work very hard to get it. WeŽll keep you updated through this forum. Thank you for your support.

    Thank you!


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