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    Default Angel's Blade sourcebook curiosities

    Just picked this up:
    Only about 30 pages in, but they've referred to Lemartes as a 'Fallen Hero' and 'Cursed Chaplain', and even though Lemartes is still around and not consumed by the rage, it seems he has been replaced a Chaplain Draenor (the funky new chaplain mini with the red jump pack wings).

    Was any fluff put out detailing what happened to Lemartes?

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    You mean as far as what happened to him falling to the rage? Yeah if I recall, in the previous BA codex it detailed what happened to Lemartes and how I think Astorath was surprised by Lemartes and was the one who ordered Lemartes put on ice.

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    Hmmm... i Have no recollection of that.
    The codex in question: is it the one with the BA Assault Marine on the cover?
    And Astorath's whole job is to behead those that fall to the rage.....had did Lemartes fall, and why didn't Astorath do his job?
    This means Mephiston is no longer unique, then.

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    Hrmm, I think it was the 5th ed codex, the one with the Terminator captain on the cover. Vaguely recollecting how the story went;

    It had something to do with what victims of the Black Rage go through, what they experience, when they're awake. They relive Sanguinius' last moments, all the way to the end, which ultimately does end them it seems. But because they're so lost in the Black Rage, they can't differentiate past from present, but with Lemarte's there was a difference. It seems that he could differentiate past from present. Even though he was clearly suffering from the Black Rage, he knew what was happening to him, he also petitioned Astorath to let him live I think, and continue to serve, and Astorath relented, and so he doesn't die to the black rage, they put him on ice, like they do the rest of the Death Co.

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    i think the codex with the assault marine is 6th ed? I dunno. This new annual edition crap p!$$es me off. I was perfectly happy with 2nd ed LOL
    So Lemartes is aware that he's suffering the black rage, but is still in control of his faculties (he is able to speak coherently to Draenor in Angels Blade, and able to lead other Death Company marines). is that the black rage, then.
    Will try and find the fluff.

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    It's the Black Rage in that he Feels No Pain!

    There has always been a shiftiness between what the Black Rage is and what the Red Curse is.

    Does the new Death Company Chaplain have Feel No Pain? Also can he be fielded without a jump pack?
    "There's no use permitting some prophet of doom to wipe all your smiles away!"

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    Meh, I don't know. I was just curious how this Draenor guy (whose mini isn't named) replaced Lemartes (who DOES have a named mini).



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