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    Default What's the point of the Arc-170 title card?

    Not what's the point mechanically - that's obvious. I mean what's the point of having it on a separate card?

    I can't see any reason why someone would *not* take the Alliance Overhaul card on one of these. It costs nothing and gives you a pretty hefty bonus: either a free attack dice or a free focus to hit conversion depending on your firing arc.

    Do, presuming every time anyone fielded an arc-170 they'd take the title, why not just add it to the rules of the ship itself and print it on the card?

    Am I missing something?

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    The whole affair has something to do with the internal consitency of the game materials. Basicially the designers decided to give both T/sf and the ARC-170 additional abilities which were unique to the ship but had only one place to put it: a Title card, which despite now being mostly used as the "fix-card" was actually pretty much intended for just this case. Everything else would have required to abandon the current layout of the game aids (which includes the cards) and may have created unnecessary confusion, esspecially so since the expansions are all made with "ready straight from the box"-philosophy. Said philosophy works best with consistent game aids.

    As for printing it on every ship card; for one the space on the card is pretty limited (which might be part of the reason why the new Condition Cards are coming), secondly so far pilot cards have feature only the destinct pilot ability of unique pilots (or filler for the generics) and thridly, making it a seperate card also allows for easier referencing. Additionally FAQ'ing the card is made easier since it is seperate from the pilots abilites, saving on space and headache.
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