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    Default Reiter Books Wargaming Club in DC, USA

    Reiter Books Wargaming Club (Washington D.C. Meetup)

    Location: Reiter Books, 1900 G St NW, Washington, DC 20006
    Meeting Times: Vary, generally on Saturdays please see the meetup for exact details and times.
    Games Played: Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy (Sometimes)

    A small bookstore with the capacity for 2 tables. General age ranges of the group are college age or older. The club is brand new only has met twice. The group plays on a 6x4 table, with home brew terrain and has light refreshments on game days. The store also functions as a retail point for GW products.

    Upcoming this Weekend:

    Second meetup this Saturday, details on the meetup. Snacks will be provided, hope to see some of you there. Please do the owner a favor and RSVP so that she can properly prepare.

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    Greetings Everyone,

    I just wanted to push this out as a friendly reminder that tomorrow there will be a meetup downtown D.C.

    What: Reiter Books - Wargaming Club
    When: 11/05/16 @ 1200
    Who: Come bring your friends, snacks provided

    We will be playing a couple games on the table with a brand new mat and a well home brewed terrain layout.

    We will be discussing the setup of our upcoming tourney/campaign event for prizes and or cash. Come by and play / chat to get input on the event setup.

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    Had a great turn out for the event, thanks to everyone for stoping by. The next event is scheduled for 11/19, more info to come as the date gets closer.



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