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    Default My 40k Lore youtube channel

    Hello all

    I have started a 40k lore channel and this is a shameless plug for it. I have just done a video on Cadian history and I have started a series on the history of Gaunts ghosts and Sabbat worlds Crusade. I am also playing a bunch of warhammer related games. Please check it out and subscriber i intend to be bringing new stuff out every week or so. Thanks!
    40k Lore from the Border Prince:

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    Hey All

    Please take a look at epsidoe 2 of my Gaunts Ghosts and Sabbat Worlds Crusade history here

    40k Lore from the Border Prince:

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    Hey man!
    I'm gonna keep my comments here so other BoLSers can see them too.
    I read the original Gaunt's Ghosts series, and vaguely recall them deploying to a Forge Hive World that was being attacked by Chaos forces, where they found STCs, but they were corrupted and punching out what sounded suspiciously like Necrons before the Necrons were given any lore.



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